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[QUOTE=mellowfish]Hi, this is my first post on this board. I was diagnosed ADHD as a kid, and I have been "rediagnosed" just recently (I'm nearly 26 years old). I never worried about it before, but I am starting to have some real difficulties in major areas of my life. My extreme forgetfulness coupled with my tendency to get very frustrated at seemingly simple tasks has got my husband very "confused", and at times just plain angry. In the past week or so I have driven through 2 red lights without even thinking about it.[/QUOTE]

Is it forgetfulness or distraction? IT IS DISTRACTION. I doubt if you forgot what "red" means. Poor memory has nothing to do with it. I know of no non-drug fix. Maybe someone can help us both.

[QUOTE=mellowfish]My greatest concern is how I will get through this next semester at school. I have been doing very well to keep my grades up, but the rest of my classes are very difficult and will require persistent studying/homework in order to just pass, let alone do well. I find studying and the completion of work impossible, I have already dropped out of school twice.[/QUOTE]

Interactive study is the only way for me. Get a couple, 3, 4 different color pens and use the colors to separate ideas in printed material. Try to get the big picture by purusing chapters and subheadings. Make your own outline and then fill in details as you study. But keep focused on the "trick." The "trick" is interaction. The interaction itself may be unique to each person. So don't get hung up with method. Boring lectures? :yawn: You tell me when you get the answer.

[QUOTE=mellowfish]I have taken Ritalin in the past and I know it really helps me. The idea of using pharmaceuticals unless absolutely necessary frightens me, especially since a possible link between Ritalin and chromosomal damage has been found. I just don't want to take any chances with my body since I would like to have kids some day.[/QUOTE]

Yep. Ritalin works. Toxic as hell. What is worse? The ADHD or the Ritalin? Each ADHDer has to make that decision for him/her self.

[QUOTE=mellowfish]Already I exercise regularly and eat a very clean balanced diet to which I have added salmon 2 or 3 times a week. I am considering taking both "Focus ADDult" and "Attend", if anyone has noticed good or no improvement with these, please let me know before I waste my money. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Great!!!! Good diet and exercise help but as you are experiencing, do not "cure." I might add since you do not explicitly state: drink enough water to darn near drown yourself. My quota is a half gallon/day.

Try "Attend." I am trying what I think are the active ingredients in "Attend." At any rate, the manufacturer has documented its efficacy at 70% with TOVA testing. (Ritalin is at 75%).

Might want to find a psychologist that will administer a TOVA test for you. Child psychologists that specialize in ADHD are where you'll find one. Should run you (or possibly your insurance) 1 to 3 hundred dollars depending on where you live (assuming you are a US resident). Take the test again in six months to document whether the "Attend" works.


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