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Re: So Frustrated
Aug 12, 2005
Hi, you can check out my postings and find the history for me and my son (now 13). When my son was put on meds at age 12 (tried a few different ones when he was 6 for a total of 4 months Ritalin, Dexedrine (sp?). anyway, the doc wanted him to use Concerta. My son CANNOT swallow a pill. Tried everything in the book and then some. He takes regular Adderall once in the am after breakfast 30mg and only on school days. One of the reasons I didn't want him on Concerta or Strattera is that you have to constantly take the meds as they need to build up in your system. If my son only needed help focusing in school (ADD - inattentive type) then why would I want him on meds all the time? He is having a meds free summer and doing fine. We are going to try 8th grade without meds, but I'll be watching closely. So I am saying, maybe you can try him on Adderall for school days only. By the way, my son did try adderall xr and did not like it. He said it didn't feel anything and it upset his stomach.

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