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Hello, my son is now 13 diagnosed (as well as that can be done) at age 5. On meds for Kindergarten then nothing until 7th grade. started 8th grade without and do not think he will go back on any meds. At 5 tried Ritalin, spaced out and highly talkative. then dexedrine smiled all the time -seemed happy and content yet teacher said he did better in the classroom with Ritalin. Reason I took him off Ritalin? Tics. He started throat noises, rolling his shirt. Took months for tic to fully go away.

Reason went back on meds? Did okay with grades (A, B) yet always had a 'social behavioral comment on report cards. Did not get concerned until 7th grade when grades were C, Ds. Doctor wanted to put him on Concerta, but he could NOT swallow. Tried all kinds of tricks and tips. So, I said how about Adderall? I liked that with Adderall you only have to use it on school days when he needs more focus. With concerta or Strattera you have to take it every day to keep it in your system. He did get the anger and anxious issues - usually when it wore off. Did not affect his sleep (just a few nights) or his appetite. He is 6'2" and 170 lbs at 13 yo! His grades did improve and his comments came back 'pleasure to have in class' etc. We did not (by 'we' I mean my son and I) feel that it was worth it to take the meds.

He started out at 10mg and worked up to 30mg once a day only on school days.

We tried the feingold diet a long time ago and it appears to have been a help though not completely. You can do a search and find out all kinds of info. Basically we found that red dyes had an effect on him and orange slice cheese though he does eat both now in small amounts. Such a journey isn't it?

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