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I'm new here and am wondering if anyone here has had experience with the drug Seroquel.

I have 2 children, ages 9 and 10, and they have serious problems dealing with each other effectively. My 10 year old daughter hates her 9 year old brother. They both have been diagnosed - my son with ADHD, and my daughter with ADD - and both take 72 mg Concerta each morning.
This is effective for them while they are in school and during the daytime, but mornings and nights (which is the only time I actually spend with them) are absolutely horrible and very often the arguing, fighting, complaining and yelling reduces me to tears by the time I get to work, nauseous and with a headache.

I have avoided medicating them further because I don't really like it in the first place, but after having taken them to counseling and trying various behavior type things at home, nothing else seems to work. Yesterday, our dr. gave them some samples of Seroquel. I went home and gave them each 2-25 mg pills at 5:30 as instructed. I have to admit that I did notice a difference in behavior last night and this morning. Additionally, they actually went to sleep when I put them to bed and didn't have problems with them getting up and down for 2 hours and me being frustrated and exhausted trying to get them to sleep.

I've done a bit of internet research on this drug and notice that there aren't any real certain finding for use of this drug on children. I wonder if anyone here has had experience - positive or negative - in using this drug on children.

Any feedback on my situation would be appreciated. Maybe even other ideas for siblings who can't get along at all..... Help.


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