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My husband has ADHD, and of all the strattera/concerta/dexedrine-type drugs he's taken, the one that works best is seroquel. He is of course on a large dose of strattera, but until he began the seroquel, there was no living with him. It was awful.

Seroquel is generally prescribed for schizophrenia and bipolar disease (it's an anti-psychotic), but is prescribed "off label" for depression, as a sleep aid, and in my husband's case, for ADHD. It just seems to have calmed him down and at the same time, eased his intractible depression (he's also on effexor).

I think I understand a bit of what you're going through. My husband was laid off about two years ago, and it's been straight downhill since then. Although it's never been a cakewalk, somehow we've managed for 25 years, but the last two have been sheer hell. His shrink says it's the worst case, now, of ADHD that he's seen in his whole career. (He aways did have ADHD, but not badly, and wasn't DX'd until a few years ago, when the GP prescribed dexedrine. It was hell getting him diagnosed too, because he insists there's nothing wrong and in the past, has refused to see a doctor. Oh, the years of [i]useless[/i] counselling we've had, just b/c he just wouldn't admit that he needed treatment for ADHD.) It's somewhat better now, though.

Anyhow, I recommend Seroquel, and BTW, a second opinion.

(who lives in Canada too)

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