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I am in search of positive comments on Strattera. My 9 year old grandson has just started the med about 15 days ago. It was increased for the first time 5 days ago. He has a file this thick on his severe, severe AD[B]H[/B]D. Believe me he can hardly pin him down to talk... never mind play a game ... Any way we have had a good 2 (separate) days with him.
Last night and this morning before school he conversed with us as a 9 year old should, bed time was calm.... we played a calm (with counting in it!) game with him last night for ONE HOUR!!....he put on one outfit only for me to say pants are too short...pls. change AND HE DID !!!! No arguement at all??? He never agrees on always defiant etc. We are crossing our fingers and hoping this works. He is slowly being weaned off of Ritilan as the Strattera increases. tx Karon
Well this is the third day my grandson speaks in a normal tone, is seldom defiant, flexible, not flying. Gets dressed, brushes his teeth etc. etc. without a hassle!! He will stay still long enough for is to have a conversation him. We have heard more "Oks" from him in the last 3 days than we've heard in the last 3 years. He's just being a tipical 9 year old. We have never seen him like this.
Hope it continues...Karon

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