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[QUOTE=cindyk]You hit the nail on the head on every point. The problem with my son is he seems to be very sensitive to the stimulants. If I give him more than the morning ritalin dose he will develop tics, not eat or sleep and have even worse rebound. Whenever I attempt to try the concerta again we get the same patterns. It is so frustrating and sad, because the ability of my son on ritalin is so different than without. There is no comparison. His focus is brought up to a normal level; therefore frustration is very minimal. I am not saying I don't believe in him (without meds). It is the fear of getting him thru the "have to's" of school w/out destroying him that worry me. Sometimes I give him caffeine (cokes,coffee drinks) in the afternoon and that seems to help a little.
Thanks for your words of encouragment. I will keep trying, but I have to admit it gets frustrating. I will be glad when he is old enough to hopefully find ways to help himself in a positive way.[/QUOTE]

Hey cindyk,

Quick question, have you tried other stimulants with your son? Adderall and Dexedrine are actually different combo's of different meds. People can have very different reactions to each of the different stimulants. I said different a lot, I know. Also, depending on the dose, and whether it's extended release or not can have an effect too. So if giving your son more ritalin after school is too much, perhaps an extended release which gives the medicine slower, over longer peroids of time would work. Or maybe he would respond to different meds all together. Hey hang in there either way, just so you know, me and my fiancee got to seperate docs who work together. Both are Psychiatrists, I do psychotherapy and doctor visits with mine, and my finacee does just doctor visits with hers, and hers is a specialist in ADHD. So, we're obviously collecting as much knowledge as we can, and learning as we go. Feel free to pick my brain if you want:)

Thanks for your reply. I have tried Adderall, but it has been about 3 years ago. He became very agitated after only one dose. He is so sensitive to them. I have been scared to try it again. I have not tried Dexetrine. We just tried Concerta again (27mg). It was ok, but I could tell didn't kick in as fast or as effective as ritalin. I'm scared to go to the 36mg because of his sensitivity to the stimulants. He does great for about 4 hours on 12 1/2 mg of ritalin. Any more and the side effects are too great. It is frutrating! I sometimes give him some caffiene drinks after lunch to help a little. Do you find caffience helps at all??[/QUOT

WHat I have found what's best for me, and by direction from my doc, is try different things, little changes each way until I'm comfortable. Keep in mind, it's easy for a grown up, whereas a child isn't as in tuned with himself, and can't express his feelings as well. But I've found that Adderall XR, which basically takes a 10 milligram dose and releases it a little at a time over 4-6 hours. Instead of on big hit of ten milligrams (which makes me shaking, a nervous. I take the extended 10 twice a day. (10 mg is actually a small dose, cause I'm sensitive to this kinda stuff too. My fiancee takes twice as much!)

Caffiene helps too. Through out the day, I drink about three diet sodas. I never like to end a day with caffiene after the Adderall wears off, because caffiene, as far as I know, can make you agitated, awake, edgy. These are all things that Stimulants can do, but caffiene to me always feels "dirty" like it's more likely to do bad by itself, rather than along side a prescription stimulant.

Here comes the "I don't have kids" advice, but I'll let ya take it anywhich way. You mentioned that your son took one dose of Adderall, got agitated, and you never tried again. For me, it took a few days, and few different levels to get comfortable. You could give your son a week or so, adjust the dose, and also try an extended release. You might also want to cut out the caffiene, I kinda think of that as an adult's drug, something where we can really be in tune with our body to monitor it. Whereas a kid can't.

So you're trying concerta 27mg, but it's not as fast as Ritalin. As you know, it's the same medication, just extended vs. all at once. It definitely won't be as fast, but fast is also a prblem with your son ritght? Maybe the ritalin is too much to fast, and then it it wears off, and your son is having a "comedown." Hmm, ask your doctor about this, but I've done this with Adderall, you could try the higher dose, or perhaps try a smaller dose, or the same dose, but twice a day. You could also, and I'm not sure if you can do with with ritalin, but you could break up a regular ritalin pill and give your son a piece of the pill, plus his concerta. that way, he's getting a boost with the small ritalin, but also getting the extended benefits of the concerta. It's not uncommon for people to control their doses like that. But defnitely ask your doctor. I'd also say that your doctor should be giving you options like the one's I'm describing, but hey, maybe I'm missing something. Let me know if any of this helps:)

So there is hope?!? It is so nice to hear at 15 yours is better. My thoughts have been that it is just going to get worse.
I have not thought of the study hall at school. I will think about that and talk with the school. Thanks so much for your ideas!
We are going to the doctor today and I am going to ask about the long acting Ritalin. I did not realize there was the time release ritalin and the long acting ritalin. I thought I knew all the med options. What I had heard I believe was the time release ritalin didn't work very well for most, so I never researched it further. Since regular ritalin works well for him, maybe the long acting would act just as well, only longer.

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