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Re: Do I have ADD?
Jan 10, 2006
[QUOTE=pradasweets1983]I am 21 and was diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago right before I was married. It was such a blessing and inspired me more to come into the profession I am studying to be in.
yes, bad math skills are associated with ADD. I'm not sure exactly why that is...I have heard and read that multiple times, from doctors, articles, ADD info.

However I consider myself a very intelligent person. I excel in a lot of other areas, such as english and writing, I am very creative, intuitive.. can read people really well and good problem solver, usually with skipping a lot of steps.

[B]I am actually working on becoming a therapist in phychology right now..and I would like to eventually specialize in ADD/ADHD[/B]..luckily for the time being I don't have to take much math..but it is inevitable. oh well..I'm sure I will be ok..but yes math is a struggle for most ADD people.
your problem you had with reading..I actually don't have that problem..I tend to hyperfocus on that...drown everything else out around which can be a good thing or a bad thing..... say with a husband or friends.

You lucky dog. I'm a psych major too, and I would LOVE to go to grad school and become either a clinical or counseling psychologist/psychotherapist.
[B]HOWEVER[/B], unfortunately my grades are so low (due to my ADD symptoms), and even if I got into grad school, I'd be SOOOO afraid because it is hard enough for me to read and study through my undergrad work! I'd probably fail out of grad school. :( That is the only thing stopping me right now. My low grades, and my fear of doing poorly due to my bad study habits, procrastination, and trouble concentrating. :( Man...I wish I had known earlier that I was suffering from symptoms of ADD instead of just going through life thinking there was "something wrong", but not [B]DOING [/B]anything about it.

I KNOW I'm fact I think I'm smarter than most people. It's just that I'm so UNfocused it's pathetic! I KNOW I'm not working to my full potential.

If I'm able to get "B's" and even a few "A's" with this disorder, then imagine what I could accomplish if I had medicine!

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