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Tomorrow I have a Md appt.I've been on adderal reg. for almost 5 yrs 60mg a day the whole time.20mg 3times a day.It has helped me in the past so very well.This past yr or so I feel a real need to up the med.I'm not talking of keep upping it or a wanting to get some sort of high because the drug levels me.I even sleep on it.But since starting adderall i focus,finnish projects etc.
But now it is not enough .The dr. i go to is not the same one who first prescribed it and i don't want to make him think i'm a drug seeker.I started with this dr. because i'm also bipolar.He's a wonderfull dr. but he's not thrilled about the adderal.My husband do's my meds.Latly i've been fighting with him for 20mgs more. when i take 80mgs a day,i feel like i did all those years.I don't want more,just enough.What do i say to him.I don't think he'll raise the dose.I know it's a high dose but the same amount all this time i feel is a diffent problem. Can someone help me?
I know that long term affects of adderall have not been done,so i don't know where to look.I just want to keep my life.I truly am add.But in need of answers.
Thank you.
In adults with narcolepsy, the recommended dose is as high as 60mg. I have seen, once or twice, docs go as high as 80mg per day. Personally, I think it's risky to go beyond what the manufacturer states as the highest dose.

The problem is, ADDaGirl, that even if you do go up to 80mg/day, eventually you are going to develop tolerance to that dose as well and then what?

Your doc could try switching your Adderall to Dexedrine. That might do it for you but, again, you will eventually develop tolerance to it, too. Some people "use" caffiene in addition to their meds and that helps.

The best thing to do is also the hardest. And that is exactly what Bob said - take breaks from stimulants. The longer you can go without it, the more likely it is to continue working well for you.

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