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Do you have the hyperactive component? If so, you might try DMAE. It is available at health food stores, brick-n-mortar or net.

I am ADD, no H. I tried DMAE and it made me sleepy. At one time it was a prescription med for ADHD. I have no trouble seeing how it can have a calming effect which should help concentration issues.

If you should try it, be advised that an overdose will produce the worse sore neck you ever experienced. If I didn't know what was happening, I would have went to the ER. Take no more than 200 mg for starters. Gradually increase it to 400 or 500 mg. That was the low end of the dose they used in clinical studies. The studies I am taking about are old - 1970's. Just be advised.

L-tyrosine will not replicate Adderall. Not even close.

Thanks for your advice...

[QUOTE]Do you have the hyperactive component?[/QUOTE]
I'm actually not hyperactive at all. My ADD type mainly consists of low energy and overfocusing.

[QUOTE]L-tyrosine will not replicate Adderall. Not even close.[/QUOTE]
Well can tyrosine alone or perhaps DMAE help with energy, mood, focus etc...?. Those are the issues the Adderall helped me with. I should have asked that to begin with rather than asking if it will actually "replicate" Adderall... Sorry for that.

Thanks again

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