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Hi Sodawater and Rheanna,
I don't know if your question about meds working was answered but I had several comments to make - one is that you probably didn't get alot of replies because I think maybe alot of the meds aren't working for other people as well so they don't know how to respond - I think if you're on a meds that is working, you know it and you won't need to ask - I think you may not feel different but you act and think differently - I'm just guessing from what other people have said their results have been - I'm still searching for that elusive combination or dosage - and no, I don't believe you outgrow your adhd/add - it's a physiological symptom of the brain - it's how your brainwaves work - you may learn coping techniques that you can use without medication but you don't outgrow it - I've always thought that if I can find a dosage that allows me to do the things I'd like to (clean my f-ing house - that's all I want) then I might be able to figure out a way to do that without meds - may I ask how old you are and when you were diagnosed? I found out when I was 38 and am 47 now - it's really frustrating and depressing - I've been searching for help for about seven years now - I first had an inkling I might have it when I was in outpatient rehab for meth - I told my counselor that caffiene didn't affect me and that I liked meth because I could think more clearly - she recommended a psychiatrist - he was a big ******** - all we did was argue and he thought I was looking for medication for my addiction rather than add - so he prescribe cylert which was awful - I stopped taking it after the second day - I kind of shied away from add help for several years - I then was referred to another psychiatrist who specialized in add in children but he had worked with adults also - again, the same response - he thought I was looking for drugs - I'm somewhat passive so I continued to go to him for awhile until finally, I told him I need help for my add, not my problems with my mother and my childhood - I think he really specialized in psychotherapy - which I hate - so he referred me to a therapist who specialized in neuro-feedback - that sort of worked but not the way I wanted, though I went for years because it gave me other benefits - I eventually went back to the 2nd psych because I did like him ( I cannot tell you why) and he did start prescribing drugs (as an aside, when I started neuro-feedback, I was tested different ways to determine if and to what degree I was add - my therapist knew my psych very well and had group meetings every week with several healthcare professionals that included this psych - when I started neuro I stopped seeing this psych - so I asked the therapist to let the psych know that I did indeed have add - he then told the therapist to let me know to come back to him and that he would prescribe drugs for my add - so I sent a message telling him that I wasn't looking for drugs from him - I had been looking for help! - anyway, after several years of neuro - I decided to go back to the psych - we tried several different things that didn't work - I finally stopped seeing that quack for good - am seeing a new psych who's not bad, at least she tries to listen to me (meaning she responds in ways that lets me know that she hears what I'm saying or is trying to understand) - but I still don't have a good med yet - I was taking adderall for about a year, but eventually was just taking it for the effects - I actually did try to get the psych to switch the meds because I was somewhat abusing them and they really made me manic and tense - I didn't tell her I was abusing tho, cuz I guess I didn't really want to stop taking them or I didn't want her to stop prescribing meds with speed in it (like stratera) - I just started taking concerta (which I had tried before and didn't like) - I haven't taken this long enough to know if it will help - though I'm already not taking it as prescribe - I'm not abusing it - I can tell when something isn't going to work in the prescribed dosage because my system is pretty sensitive - but I don't know - the thing I hate about these medications is that they always make me sleepy - I can sleep on this at the drop of a hat and it's usually a deep sleep that I wake up from feeling very groggy and tired - I asked Dr. Amen once what that was about and he said that the dosage was too high - I don't know if you know who Dr. Amen is but he's a pioneer in gosh, I don't know how to describe him - he studies the brain from images from a spect scan and then prescribes medication to help the areas that the scan show affected- I went to him a few years back, convinced he was it - I was going to find my cure with him - but, sadly, no - it may have been my fault because I gave up too soon - I hated one of the medications gabitrol - it just made me tired and groggy and all I wanted to do was sleep - which is one of my major complaints that sent me looking for help in the first place - anyway, boy! have I rattled on - hope you don't mind - it's all about me and my problems :rolleyes: but maybe you or someone else may have a suggestion or solution - take care, cyn

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