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Hey all. I thought my case was very unique but as I have been reading this board I've read some other people's stories that sound sort of similar. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Depression and OCD. The OCD is strange because it's really only obsessions, no compulsions. I'd describe it more as constant irational ruminations. What I mean by that is, my mind is constantly thinking of irrational things that aren't around me, I have the hardest time in the world living in the moment... or when I start an activity, immediately I think of some other activity. As you can imagine, when you can't enjoy stuff because your always thinking of something else, life can start to suck. Currently I take 250 mg of Luvox(an SSRI) and 300mg of Welbutrin.
Ok well, about half a year ago I used some of my friends adderall for the SAT's and it was pretty great how much it helped my focus and ability to actually feel like doing an activity without thinking of some other activity the moment I start. The problem with the adderall however, was I got super bad Obsessions after it wore off. Well I told my doc about it and she wasn't happy that I used some meds without being prescribed for them, but she prescribed me some Strattera, being as it isn't a stimulant and might not give me the crash that Adderall did. I used 40mg of Strattera for about a few months and it undoubtably helped with my focus and ability to do activities, but I had major insomnia with it. Hockey season started and I just couldn't handle the lack of sleep, so I stopped taking strattera. Shortly after I stopped, I realized how much it was helping me but.... I just don't know which is better, not sleeping or being able to live like a normal person lol.
After reading the boards I started taking DMEA.. 200mg. No improvement with the focus, but i've read it takes awhile. It's been about a week but i've noticed that it makes me pretty tired, not physically like the strattera did tho. I take a whey protein supplement and that has a pretty good amount of L-tyrosine, so I didn't bother getting any of that. I just hope that the DMEA starts to help with my concentration and stuff.
I just wanted to know what those of you with the ADHD and OCD mix, or ADHD and anxiety mix have found that helps you. I don't know a bunch about ADD/ADHD meds but from what I've researched it seems like they are all stimulants except Strattera. I don't see why a diff stimulant wouldn't give me the crash like Adderall did but maybe someone has some experience with that? Thanks for your time. Sorry for the novel.

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