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DMAE made me so lethargic I had to stop taking it.

The problem you experienced with Adderal may have more to do with self-medication than anything. I take 20mg of Adderal XR and the crash is more of a rough landing at the end of the day. Time to land anyway. Regular Adderal lasts about 5 hours and can produce the same roller coaster effect that Sylvia mentioned in her post in connection with Ritalin. Concerta is extended release methylphenidate. Ritalin is brand name methylphenidate. So, yeah, all stimulants produce a crash to varying degrees but extended release versions postpone the crash to late in the day. Do you know if you took XR? It comes in a capsule. If you took a pill(s) it was regular Adderal.

I want you to know that I am resisting flaming you royal for taking an unprescribed drug. Hopefully the flaming you got from your doc was enough to prevent you from doing it again.

How much did you take? Crash is directly proportional to dose. The higher the dose the greater the crash. Even if you took your friends prescribed dose it was probably too much for you. Most people will feel pretty darn good on 30mg of Adderal if they are not acclimated to it. Then they experience a horrific crash. That is one of the reasons doctors start therapy with a low dose and titrate up.

Adderal may be your answer after all. Talk to your doctor about it. If she agrees try a week's supply in case your OCD really does preclude Adderal for you.

Lastly but not leastly, I may needlessly take too much Ibuprofin for a sore back. The direction say take one, if needed take another. What? They expect to put up with the pain for another hour only to find out one isn't enough. Baloney. Let's take two and be sure. The point of that digression is many times unwanted side effects can be either reduced or eliminated without any loss of efficacy by lowering the dose. Did you try a lower dose of Strattera?


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