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Re: Strattera?
Oct 18, 2005

I was on Strattera briefly for about 2 weeks. I found it helped my focus but day-time drowsiness was a problem. I did not notice any improvement in the two weeks. *They* say a couple of months to efficacy. Who *they* are is questionable but a few have posted good results with Strattera so maybe it is worth the wait.

I went to Ritalin - not bad but its short-half life made the ups and downs difficult. I now take Adderal XR on work days. Works good and so do I.

Re: Strattera?
Dec 9, 2005
I've been on strattera for over a year, and I've been very happy with it. I've taken adderall and concerta and focalin and riddalin and maybe one more. Concerta was alright. Basically, those drugs either made me tired, depressed, or feeling as though I was coffee-hyper or high or something. Strattera, I've found, can make me a little drowsy, but you can battle that by having a regular sleep schedule. That's good for AD/HD people anyway, on drugs or not. Strattera has been the best for me because I think it helps me focus when I need too, but still lets me be myself with my personality, energy, and ADHD brain--I think that's a good thing. Other drugs seemed to take away my personality and everything interesting about my day. So, to conclude, I've been happy with Strattera, and drowsiness from it can be countered with regular sleep as well as regular eatting and a generally healthy lifestyle... of course, I don't actually always do this, but I suppose that's my fault, not really the drugs.

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