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[QUOTE=smcbride01]I'm hoping someone out there has some answers cause all the doctors and psychologists can't figure out anything, and it's driving us all nuts. My daughter is 6 and has been on all sort of meds since she was 3. Not our choice, but she would never sleep at night and none of us were coping well with it. We had her at doctor after doctor...trying out different meds...she had a sleep study done on her, they know she has adhd...that's a given...she is now on clondine to help her sleep at night and the doctor just recently moved her meds from 54mg to daughter is like a giant time bomb and sleeps an average of 2hrs a night. She will throw fits to the point of us worrying the cops will come to the door hearing her scream bloody murder just because we want her to sleep with no TV and the fact I can't keep coming in every 2 min to do anything and everything with her. She's very dependent on me and if I say mommy tired and it's bedtime, boy she'll make herself scream and scream until I get freaked out and run in there to try my hardest to calm her down. I'm trying to be patient, but night after night it's getting worse so today I didn't give her any this just a bad side affect of this medicine?? Can anybody give me some advice....I'm so sick of doctor's just throwing her on this stuff and then we tell them about all of this going on and "oh well it's normal" it's not. My parents came to visit for the holiday...they left cause they couldn't take her tempers's like she blacks out and throws screaming fits.....Just like a time bomb....we are on eggshells around here and not getting any stress relief....I'm thinking about just getting her off this concerta all together....if anyone has any advice or can relate to me...please let me know...I'm very open to suggestions of any kind......Thanks!!!!!!! :D[/QUOTE]

Does she sleep during the day? It doesn't sound normal to me, what happens when she goes to school. I wonder if a psychiatrist would be the answer for you. Like all of you.

Any other kids?

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