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I'm a 32-y.o woman. My dad and brothers were diagnosed with varying degrees of ADD long ago. Now Dr (and boyfriend) think I might have it too (I do have lots of the symptoms, especially feeling wooly-headed and overwhelmed, not being able to prioritize things, starting things and never finishing, drifting off in conversation). A friend told me I seemed like a classic case and let me have one of his dexedrine (I now know that's a big no-no...didn't seem like a big deal at the time). I took half a 10-mg pill and it was really nice - my mind felt organized and I was able to see what order I should be doing things in to get stuff done.
I told Dr. all this and she put me on Adderall XR, 10 mg. I hate it. I took it for 3 days and became increasingly sleepy, dopey, frustrated and even depressed. I was also hungry all the time. I've never heard of this happening. I also don't like the XR because unlike the non extended release dexedrine, it takes forever to kick in (and when it does, the above happens).
How much difference is there between Adderall and dexedrine? I thought they were pretty similar. Am I taking too much? Not enough? I kind of want to go in and ask for dexedrine, but from what I gather, my Dr might think I'm planning to do something nefarious with it, since dexedrine seems to be the most abused of all the ADD drugs.
I was so hopeful after the dexedrine, and now I'm just really bummed out because the Adderall so did not work! On the other hand, it didn't make me hyper, which means there must be something going on with my brain (caffeine also makes me sleepy unless I have a lot - connection?)
Thanks for any advice/experience on this.
I am intrigued by the paradox occurring with the adderall. Stimulants should not make you sleepy.

With your dosage, 10mg XR is relatively small. 20mg XR is the norm for adults with ADHD. Still, you should notice some change with the 10mg and is also a good starting point. It's always better to titrate upwards. Also, the Dexedrine taken was immediate release? Comparatively, XR will be released slowly with peak plasma levels occurring between 7-8 hrs. Instant release reaches a peak in about 3-4 hrs. That maybe the cause with your differing experiences.

Depression commonly occurs when stimulants wear off, particularly with the immediate release. This is often referred to as "highs" and "lows". XR eliminates this for the most part.

Dexedrine and Adderall are very similar. Dexedrine is dextro-amphetamine. Adderall is a composition of various amphetamine salts, including dextro.

Talk to your doc and mention 10mg doesn't do much for you. I have a feeling if you tell him it makes you sleepy, you'll get a funny look.
An hour after I take 10mg regular Adderall in the morning, I really need a nap.
But I take it at the same time I take Risperdal and Zoloft and Requip for the side effects.
Do you take any other medication that could make you sleepy?

For me, at first the Adderall made me jumpy and manic (as does coffee if I drink it for the first time in a long while).
After taking the Adderall regularly for several months, it does help a little with focus, but makes me sleepy-- or at least does not make me wakeful, although it seems to make me avoid going to bed at night.

Coffee also makes me sleepy if I drink it for a couple of weeks. Coffee also gives me painful muscle spasms, lumps in my armpits, and some other nasty symptoms that I don't recall. (I don't drink coffee anymore-- just enjoy the aroma.)

I stopped taking the Adderall XR (time release) because my body didn't seem to be metabolizing the second release. I am taking the generic Adderall in tablet form. It makes me feel like a little kid because it's bright blue and sweet flavored. I'm supposed to take Ritalin in the afternoon, but I rarely remember, so I tend to take it when I'm working at night since I get really scatter brained by 5pm without it. I think it might be better than the Adderall.
yeah, I thought it was weird that it makes me sleepy. I've been off it now for a few days and feel much better. The depression/grumpiness/fogginess all reach their peak about 8-10 hours after I take the Adderall. The dexedrine I took was not extended release - oddly enough, there are fewer side effects of any kind (including "coming down") with it than with the Adderall XR. I might be willing to try the non XR Adderall, but I definitely don't want to try the XR again.
The thing is, since the Adderall doesn't make me hyper, I'm pretty sure, ironically, that means I really do need something. If I were "normal" (didn't have some kind of problem), the Adderall would make me hyper, right? I just don't understand how I could have had such a positive experience with non-ER dexedrine and such a bad one with Adderall XR.
I feel better when I take either with caffeine, which tells me maybe my dose is just too low.
I take 5 mg of Lexapro at night for mild depression and have been taking Lunesta at night for the last few weeks to help me stay asleep. My Dr was hoping maybe taking stimulants in the morning would help me stay asleep at night. No such luck - still sleep great for a few hours at night and then wake and can't get back to sleep. All my life, I've slept badly at night and am tired during the day - I think she hoped stimulants would help that situation, since nothing else really has.
[QUOTE=wonderdaffodil]...since the Adderall doesn't make me hyper, I'm pretty sure, ironically, that means I really do need something. If I were "normal" (didn't have some kind of problem), the Adderall would make me hyper, right?...[/QUOTE]I'd like to know the answer to this question too.
My bet is that you don't have add/adhd because of your reaction adderall. The latest I can take my afternoon dosage of adderall is 2:00 pm otherwise I am up all night, and I am dx with add. I don't think I ate very much for the first few months of being on adderall. check with your doc you might have anxiety.
Yes, I take 1.5mg/day Risperdal for anxiety, as well as Clomapramine for OCD and Zoloft for depression.
When I was just taking the Adderall by itself, I lost weight and didn't sleep much.
The other meds were added in stages and are all sedating.
Nevertheless, as with coffee, it seems Adderall's aggitating effect has diminished with use, and a sedating kickback effect has taken over.

I suppose it's possible the psychiatrist is wrong, and that I don't have ADHD symptoms, that they are just a combination of being rude and manic and just having a "hyperactive imagination," the latter being how I used to refer to my abnormal thought processing.

Afterall, these diagnoses are just labels for collections of symptoms.

But I do wonder if Adderall having a calming effect is an indication of anything.
I'll ask at my next appointment if I can remember.
Stimulants CAN make you sleepy. I am a 54yo woman that was dx'd about 4 years ago with inattentive ADD(although my symptoms have been lifelong). I also have chronic depression, but am unable to take AD's. I have taken dextroamphetamine with good cognitive results and no sleepiness. I have also taken ritalin extended release with success(it also improved my mood a bit), but ritalin regular release makes me sleepy in fact, that I was prescribed 5mg ritalin for bedtime to help me sleep. It was a good combination with the dex, but not all doctors are willing to mix stimulants. I only tried adderall once and it made my muscles tense up even at low doses. My doctor told me that I had "paradoxical" responses as you do. Everyone responds differently to medications and it takes time to find the right dose and combo. Keep working with your doctor til you do. Good luck.
It's weird that dexedrine would help so much (made me feel more focused, capable, organized) and Adderall would be such a disaster. But it sounds like a lot of people have to go through several tries to get to the right combination. The good thing is, just realizing that all these symptoms might add up to something has already made me more aware and thinking about ways to cope better. It's still a bummer to have tried a medication and have it fail so spectacularly.

Anyway, your information here has all been very helpful! Let me know what you find out!
I was never enamoured with Adderall, but the doctor got me to say that it helped a little, so I'm still on 10mg in the a.m. It also seems to exacerbate my OCD, so I'd just as soon not take it.

Adderall and Zoloft make my muscles cramp and cause me to jiggle my legs and feet uncontrollably. When Lexapro did that while I was seeing a different psychiatrist (before my employer played the annual Let's-Switch-Health-Insurance-Companies game), she took me off of it. My current doctor has me taking Requip, which does quell the side effect symptoms.
But, as I heard in an advertisement while getting ready for work this morning (I know, I would get ready faster without such distractions), Requip can cause sudden sleepiness. So, maybe the Adderall doesn't make me sleepy. But I know coffee does if I drink it for more than 2 weeks, so...
I guess I'd better be sure to tell her Adderall didn't help AT ALL. (It didn't.) Right now, I'm just doing the caffeine thing, which is better than nothing (and better than the Adderall). Going to see her today. Guess I'll find out what she says.
well, when I told her Adderall made me sleepy, she literally laughed out loud and clapped her hands, because to her, it was a certain sign that I did indeed have ADD and we were on the right track. She said maybe the dose was too low, so I took 20 mg today and feel pretty good. We'll see...she said very few people can take a stimulant and not feel...well, stimulated.
It sounds like both you and the doctor have a good sense of humor. :)
I didn't want to increase the Adderall because it seems to make my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder worse, and the OCD is perhaps more debilitating than the ADHD.

But I have noticed that I am now able to sit still without moving or wiggling or jiggling. It's sort of amazing how a person can live a whole lifetime struggling against something and just accept the struggle as a part of life, but then suddenly there's no more struggle.
Adderall makes me super sleepy too. I've only been on it for a few days and have noticed with each day it seems to be a little less sleepiness but the night time crash is still hard. My doctor acted as though it would give me energy and make me perky. Quite the opposite!
The 20 mg of Adderall XR makes my heart race and makes me jittery. Not as bad as being totally sleepy, but not pleasant. I've stopped taking it altogether until I see the doc again. Maybe 15 mg?

It's frustrating that I know the dex works but the doc is so against it. I'm going to try to see about the non XR Adderall, maybe that will help.

The XR also costs 5 times more than non XR. I honestly don't think I could afford it, even if I liked it.
I have to admit that the cost factor influenced my decision too.
Hi im not on adderall but Ritalin 20 mgs-(10 mg/in am-)10 mg a few hrs later..
the first dose..makes me tired..the second dose-calms/and helps me focus.
im also on zoloft and lorazapam-for PTSD/depression/panic disorder.
I was wondering if anyone else is prescribed a benzo and stimulant..
Isn't that too much-up and down..
thank you..
goddessgrl :angel:
In the morning I take 100mg Zoloft, 10mg Adderall, Risperdal, and Requip, and start feeling really sleepy after a couple of hours. I race home for a nap at lunch most days (hmmm...I guess I could lock the door to my office and just roll under the desk...).
I take an optional 5mg of Ritalin in the afternoon, which, like you described, calms me and gives me focus. I usually forget to take it, however, so by 4 o'clock my "overactive imagination" is running wild, which is probably why I've been described quite a few times in the last 50 years as "nice, but crazy."
BTW, I take Zoloft, Risperdal, Clomipramine, and Requip at night.

For me, the Zoloft scatters my thinking and the Adderall feeds my OCD-ness. But I've stuck with them for awhile now, and think they give me just enough of edge to allow me to win sometimes in the struggle for control over my thoughts and emotions.
I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound too "out there."

Goodnight for now.
Thanks for your response..
I do NOT think its out there at all..
i appreciate your help..
im trying to figure out-if this is ok..i guess its working-to a certain point..
no pill will cure all ..therapy is the guide/pills the adjunct..
i feel sort of pill popping..altho-i don't abuse any bit of it..ever.
ever feel that way?
Yes. At least once a day. I am so embarrassed to say that I'm taking Adderall or Ritalin.
And I hate getting the prescription filled--even though the pharmacy people are all nice.

It's like admitting I'm a junkie--even though I take a really low dose and never get "high" from it (or whatever one is supposed to "get" from it).

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