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hi i have attention deficit im not another typical teen who "claims" they have it...or one whos stupid docotor has "diagnosed" them and they use it as an excuse now and are prescribed riddlin and it doesnt have the oposite effect on them it does act like a speed and they still believe they have add...(sorry i rambled i get upset about that) no im not one of them...i was tested prolly like 7 be sure i had all different types of basically its proven fact...i have attention deficit disorder...well before my parents split my dad didnt care wut we did about my mom tried lots of stuff (along with one of my sisters who was also diagnosed with it) she didnt want to go directly on medication with we tried various other things...but eventualy mediction became the best next i started on one...didnt feel well on it...started on another didnt sleep well on it....started on aderall...lost too much weight on it...tried riddlin and the time released version (concerta) and still lost too much weight...well its been a fw years..and i went was terrible i couldnt finish anything around the house...alway forget stuff my mother asked me to do...and never could focus a home or in class on anything it was severly effecting my grades...but i wanted to control it myself..then i finally gave in shortly after my parents split last year...i decided that i needed to do somehting about i asked my mom to let me be retested...(its been a few years so...) she agreed...and i wanted to go on medication again...well for the past (god only knows how long) we cant get my dad to allow me to take medication...he never cared befor ebut now that he has sign and giv ehis permission..he has control...and now im suffering...just waiting for him...because all he wants to do is try all the alternatives...that i have already tried...when he didnt pay any attention (before my parents spilt) so why should i suffer any longer retrying all these things i already know did not work for me....why do i have to wait???.....someitmes its like i wish i was normal...just a normal person who could get good grades and focus on there work...who could rmemeber to take care of complete chores and stuff at home...i wish it would go i the only one out there who wishes it would dissapear from the face of the earth?

i no this is long im sory..but its been a great comfort writing it...
ur opinions are welcome
if ur one of "those teens" the ones who dont really have it dont reply....i apologize if that is rude ...but you dont have clue what people who really do have it go through

thanks again :D

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