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Hello Everyone :wave: I came across this post as I normally am in the vision section as I am suffering with a bunch of eye trouble that I won't get into on this post, but I had to reply to this one as I am 30 years old now and have been taking Ritilan for about a year now. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist, I had to take tons and tons of tests, I had to first take this weird test with this blinking light and it drove me insane, then I was given some sort of pill and was told to come back in an hour and re-take the test.

The next day I was given the same test and then another pill and did the same thing again. One pill was a placebo and the other pill was a low dose of Ritilan. I showed improvement with the Ritilan, I wasn't fully diagnosed with ADD though which I was amazed because all my life growing up I had trouble in school, not being able to concentrate, being called lazy and scattered brained and I never knew why? The psychiatrist said I showed many signs and symptoms of having ADD but I didn't have it completely and he also diagnosed me with depression which I already knew I had.

Ritilan has improved my depression and has also made a huge difference on me being able to concentrate now. Although it comes with a price, taking an amphetamine every day for a year I now have noticed many side effects that I am for some reason ignoring and not mentioning to my doctor as I am afraid she will take away my Ritilan. I cannot function without it and have tried to quit taking it to see what will happen and when I do I am right back where I started, irritable, fussy, scatter-brained, un-able to focus and extremely impatient.

With any sort of mental disease or disorder there will always be many un-answered questions and many questions that cannot be answered as they don't have the answer to them, boy that sounded really ADD lol. I asked my doctor if I will have to be on Ritilan for the rest of my life and she said no? So what does ADD just go away with age? Does it get better with age? I am not sure what to think anymore, all I know is that I feel I was misdiagnosed in having only some signs and symptoms, Im wondering if I should get a second opinion and re-take all of these tests again to see if there is any change? Thank-you all for reading this and I will appreciate any advice. D

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