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hello im a 1* year old male in school who was diagnosed with ADD at age 11 ive been taking medication since i was 11 ive tried plenty of medications i tried ritalin all doses which none had an noticible effect on me then i went to conserta which had an effect in beggining then it started to fade so then i went to a high dose then i felt depressed/sad when i took it and the doctor said i build tolerece to medications fast so then he prescribed adderall xr 20 mg's still no noticible effect to me but the teachers noticed a effect in my behavior cause i was more "calm" and i didnt figit as much then in i started takin 25 mg's and i still failed most of my clases i started to notice the effects (i guess because i was older) so the doctor perscribed adderal xr 30 mg's i really started to notice the effects but ONLY once i started, the hardest part about doing my work is STARTING it once im started everything flows semi-easily sometimes even my parents and my teachers are suprised how well i can really wright (besides the spelling) so i passed all my classes with my lowest grade being a 65 just passing math so this year i am still taking adderall xr 30mg my parents make sure i take it everyday. then one day last week i 4got to take it and while i was in first period i started to notice the effects when i didnt take it i felt tired TOTALLY UNMODIVATED i had a "i dont care additude" about school my mind was thinking about all the things i wished i was doing instead of being in school i was very quiet definitly my confidence was lowerd with out adderall i reached into my pocket for no apperant reason and i found one of my adderalls i dont know how it got there but it was a adderall xr 30 mg's what i usally take so i asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and i took it and about 20 min later i started noticing that i wasnt as tired and that my thoughts were way more clear and they werent about things i had to do outside of school they were about what the teacher was discussing and i finally noticed the effects i guess i was so used to taking it in school it became "normal" then second period my dad came to my school and i was called down to the nurse to take my medication when i got there my dad told me that i left it on the table so he drove to school to make sure i take it and then i told him i had one in my pocket and i had taken one but i couldnt explain how it got there so he didnt believe me (which he had a reason for because in 8th grade i used to lie and not take it b/c it made me not eat at lunch then one day he found them in my dresser where i kept the ones i didnt take so now he makes sure i take them) so with me doing some research prior to that and i knew that taking two isnt "deadly" so i just agreed and took it he gave me adderall xr 25mg's which he had leftovers from when i was prescribed to 25mg's so while i was in class i noticed a definite change in my thoughts and modivation school work seemed "fun" and i am the kid of person who hates school or any form of work with a passion. then i actually started doing my work participating more i had such a positive view on life and school work i was very happy this is the most fun i ever had doing work and even my friends noticed and said wow this is the first time i actually seen u complete your work i was very happy that i finally was like everybody else after trying extremely hard even sometimes in tears and asking my self "why cant i do it? i wish i was like everyone else" and i finally could do work with out stressing over it i have had so much pressure from my parents and teachers and no one ever thinks im trying hard enough no matter how hard i try i still got the usal "your smart you just dont apply your self" which thought was total B.S. so anyways 5th period when i have a free period i felt too positive about my self so i did some reasearch in the library and i found out that teens do this to get "high" which got me worried so basicly the rest of the day went fine completed ALL my work 2 teachers were so suprised on how well i was doing that day that they e-mailed my mom and told her how well i did that day and so she was very proud and so was i so i told her about what happend and how i took two and we called the doctor and told her and she said that she will prescribe an extra adderall xr 10mg as a booster pill if i needed it so now its been a 2 weeks and ive noticed a difference in my additude tawrds school my grades still need improvement because they were so low it will take a while to catch up but i think im getting there and i no longer think of school as a horrible place where all i do is fail and cause my parents stress i am feeling like school isnt as bad although i dont really enjoy school the medicine makes me accept it as something that has to be done i think that the adderall really makes me think things through which i something i usally never do.

im sorry for my post being so long and i know some of my thoughts are incomplete im just very exited and proud of my self on how adderall is finally working for me and i would like to let people know that there is hope


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