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Re: Just a thought
Jan 22, 2006
[QUOTE=JeremyT]Why is it everyone think's Adderall is legal speed? Has anyone ever considered that speed is illegal adderall. My thought on this is God gave us medications to treat certain physical and mental illness's. If adderall helps me with my ADD and nothing else does then whats wrong with that? Im tired of everyone looking at me like Im some drug addict.

Heck Nyquil can be worse then adderall if you abuse it, heck you can die from drinking too much water. Like anything if you take too much of it you can damage yourself. My point is there are medications on this planet for a reason so don't bash the person who needs it. Basically dont hate the medication hate the abuser.

Sorry I just get so frustrated when people say, "well you could work out the problem through counseling or you dont really need that medication". Unless they have the mental illness how the heck would they know. Half the people that look at me this way are people who have addictions of there own like smoking, drinking and pornography.

Sorry If I offended anyone, I just get real upset when someone finally takes the steps to start treating a mental illness and get labeled as a drug addict for it.


Adderall is legal speed. Speed is an ampetamine, adderall is an ampetamine. Personally IMHO, it is an unhealthy drug with consequences(for brain and body) down the line even at theraputic doses. But aside from that, taking adderall does NOT make a person an addict.

Addiction is when a person takes large doses to produce a certain feeling, like drunkeness or euphoric, manic feelings, etc. So anyone who accuses someone of being an addict just because one takes Adderall would be completely wrong..... unless that person was trying to feel high by increasing dosage for that purpose rather than taking what was necessary to correct ADD.

But most people on Adderall do not take it that way, thus they do not abuse. If you don't abuse, then you are not an addict, pure and simple. However, one can become dependant on Adderall or tolerant, which is physical addiction but that is not drug addiction itself at all....true addiction must include abuse, euphoria seeking, control issues and compulsions otherwise it's not really addiction in it's proper definition.

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