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[QUOTE=nightowl2]I don't like being super quiet or still,and I have a hard time with "stillness", unless I am by myself....then sometimes I am a "still" person,,,and yeah, it IS possible! lol!

But, I also have the nicknames of "chatterbox" and or "motormouth"...I hate silence in a car, or a room, or whatever! I have a very difficult time with silence...when you MUST be still! I would much rather be moving and doing things! I need some noise...maybe not a ton of it, but, some noise, nevertheless! Anybody like this too? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I will say, that I have upset alot of people because of this...they have threatened to tape my mouth shut, permanently...but, even though I tell them "I can't help it"....I can/ and can''s just frustrating for me to sit there, and let the air around me "hang" with no noises in the air...I think that no noises also frightens me sometimes as well!

I also interrupt...because I am afraid that I will forget what I want to say...and (I usually do forget) and I really hate that! :confused:

My fiance' who also has A.D.D. he has worked on his issues with A.D.D. and he really had to , as he was in the Air Force, and had no choice,but, now, he is after me to "fix" my problems...especially of interrupting.. :nono: ..and he even said a joke about our getting married(which I thought to myself secretly as a joke, weeks prior to him saying anything about this) That I would more than likely interrupt the minister or him, during the ceremony(which, yes, that
could happen.....unfortunately!) I can't always tell when a when a person is "done" talking! I have gotten into a lot of "trouble" in the past because of my interuptions,and "not listening skills". Help!
(The only thing that saved my hide, was totally stopped my from any extra utterings!)(but, this was a long time ago.)
I may have to go back on this med....for if it helped me, than maybe it will help me keep the peace, literally!
I just resent feeling like I need a "muzzle"...that's all! I just really feel that this is sooo unfair.....even at my age now(early forties)!!! I feel like I am a child, still!
How does a person know when "too much, is too much" talking?
There are times that I hardly speak a word, and people either take notice of it,and say, "what's the matter, with you?" to me, and or, don't bother noticing me at all.
There are also times, that people think that I have literally talked non-stop,and to me, it doesn't seem that "non-stop", but, to them, it seems like an entire lifetime! What gives here? Is this really an actual problem, or is it the "other people,and not me?!"

thats' all for now.....but, can anybody relate to what I am referring to?!!!?


Yes, I've never been dxed with ADD (wouldn't do any good anyway I'd never take drugs for it) but I have the same problem. I've trained myself in an unusual listening to my mom. She doesn't always talk alot, but when she gets on a subject she likes she tends to drive it down and make it become very boring and then it's a bit irritating to continue listening. So I try to imagine others getting bored with what I say like know, it does help me to cut down a bit!

Personally, I believe most people who talk alot just want some attention, maybe because they feel different or unpopular. Most ADDers feel different for sure; personally, I always felt unpopular because I had few friends. Of course, in hindsight I realize the reason I didn't have many friends is because we moved around too much and then alot of my high school friends moved away.

I think one can train themselves to be better listeners versus talkers. I have, although still not perfect. However, the gift of gab is just that: a gift. Without it we'd have no talk show hosts, no storytellers, no good speechmakers, no interesting people either!

It's a good/bad thing depending on the people and circumstances.

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