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[QUOTE=JeremyT]what about if I switch to stratterra? Its a non stimulant? would that be a better choice. I understand that the better choice would be to learn to cope but I dont want to go to that.

Right now I am excelling at my job like I have never before, im getting things done. My social anxiety is better. It hasnt been the greatest the last couple weeks because of the tolerance but overall its helping[/QUOTE]

If you make the choice to go the drug route then you must accept the bad with the good. I think Strattera is a safer drug overall; however, I've heard alot on these boards about some people not being happy with it; seems it only works for a few. But you could try it; perhaps you are one of the people it would work for, and at least you'd be off amphetamines. If it doesn't work you can always go back to Adderall, right?

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