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[QUOTE=JeremyT]well went back to my psych yesterday told him about the tolerance. He upped my dosage. The only way I could really explain the situation to him was to say projects that I get at work seem more difficult when the adderall is working they dont seem difficult at all.

Today I started my new dosage. Everything seems good. I noticed something thought when I was playing a video game. Before the adderall kicked in I was going around gun ho barging into doors shooting anything that moves. After the adderal kicked in I was being cautious. Moving slower, planning my movements ahead more less taking my time. Sorry I just had to explain this cause it was of interest to me.

What natural methods are there? To dealing with this? If I could approach obstacles and problems the way I do with Adderall without it I would give up the med. However I really need to keep my job and I need to make sure I can perform to par. My psychiatrist recommended a book called driven by distractions. I asked him if I should talk with a counselor he said it wouldnt really help. I think he doesnt want to loose my business. He told me if the new dosage of atterall doesnt work he will put me on something else.

Is ADD a chemical imbalance in the brain or isnt it? If it is dont you need med's to correct the problem?[/QUOTE]

First off, it is thought or believed to be a chemical imbalance, it is not proven so remains a theory not fact. For example, in the 1960's they discovered that a serotonin drug called LSD, although very toxic, did have some interesting side effects like mood lifting, so they concluded that serotonin must be short in people with low mood.....but they really have yet to prove this theory as there still is no way to test the living brain for any deficient chemicals.

But they do know that chemicals in the brain actually come from what we ingest...that's how they are made. For example, serotonin is made from protein synthesis of the amino acid tryptophan, which is found in many high quality proteins, and complex carbs are needed in the synthesis. If you look up all the amino acids(which are mainly protein components) you will find how each manufactures various neurotransmitters for different brain and body benefits.

Drugs do not increase any of these neuros but will mimic them or prevent their normal metabolism in the brain, which is unnatural and the brain eventually fights back(tolerance).

So eating well helps and certain supplements also have shown to help, such as Omega 3's like fish or flax oil which are rich in nutrients for the brain. But also I've heard many praise that book your doc gave you as being an enormous help to them so definately read it.

I understand you can't risk your job, but maybe reading the book, adding fish oil, eating good proteins and vitamin rich foods (don't forget complex carbs, they are important) may help enough to either ward off more tolerance or even allow you to decrease your dosage eventually. I remember a long time ago someone on this board was able to do that with the fish oil and ended up completely off meds, but everyone is different so it's hard to say in each case.

Maybe search the net for more natural alternatives; I haven't lately so all I know is the fish oil and also heard magnisium really plays a part too. Besides supplements, magnisium is rich in foods like peanuts (as long as you aren't allergic though!)

But a search around might show up some new alternatives; I wouldn't just up and quit the Adderall if some of these things work but just reduce slowly. Good luck I hope you find some alternatives in case you are the type to build tolerance quickly to amphetamines or start having some negative effects with higher doses.

It's always good to try the alternatives because you never know.....and always check stuff with your doc for any interactions with your med beforehand.

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