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Re: Ritalin LA??
Feb 20, 2006
Well a couple of people up there did nothing to answer your question and everything to try and frighten you! I believe you should trust your doctor before strangers on a message board. So as for your question, I am on the short acting ritalin but I think for both (la and sa) the effectiveness can really depend on the day, I'm not sure why. I notice that if I haven't slept enough or if I'm eating terrible food, nothing in the world will help my ADD.
I take 10mg at about 9:30 AM and seem to work steadily until lunch time (about 12-12:30), then I crash (which is fine because by then I'm hungry, stop to eat and take next dose (10mg) at around 1:30-2PM. (I am prescribed 30mg/day, sometimes only take 20mg though) So you are only taking 10mg all day long? That is a very low dose. It may take some adjusting for you. Hang in there, you'll find the right dosage! At least you know it is working for you somewhat, you may just need to up the mgs. I also found that the medication is actually working long after I think it has worn off. For instance, I am doing great about 1 hour after taking it, though I notice I can still work pretty well for about 3 hours. Good luck!

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