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whoops! Forgot about my post until I was reviewing my favorites - sound familiar to anyone? I do try to limit my computer time due to a tendency to be excessive with it!

Replies have been very interesting. . . hard to sort them out. . .but I will try!!

I am very much a reader of information - it tends to be my addiction - so I had read up on the drugs that I take as well as consulting with a couple of drs. and a pharmacist or two. The Klonipin is a drug that I take for the dysautonomia, which causes heart racing at times. The doctor who manages that part of me is a cardiologist and is also the one prescribing a beta blocker. Mitral valve prolapse is not considered a heart abnormality (don't ask me why) according to all the docs and doesn't qualify as a structural defect that prohibits use of amphetamines. It also helps me wind down and actually go to sleep, otherwise, I'm up all night and then the MVP effects kick in the next day, heart racing among them. My sleep doc also thought Klonipin was a good one to use. I think the worst part of Klonipin is that if I take it too late (2 a.m.-ish), I am a little druggy the next morning. But then, who isn't a little foggy on four hours of sleep? So many factors. . . I have not read about Klonipin clouding thinking, etc. Specifically, where would I read about that?

I did try Adderall and Adderall XR with some benefit, but then I built tolerance and was losing benefit. Plus, I got cranky and I personally feel I am cranky enough without any help propelling me toward being a full-fledged grouch. BUT, the great thing was anxiety was GONE, my thoughts were gentle suggestions instead of a dart game in my brain, and I could actually live outside of the current moment (like, planning lunch at about mid-morning, coordinating a day's obligations in my brain without coming apart emotionally). And the stream of music in my head was silenced. That was making me nuts. (No hallucinations, just an ADD thing). And we had dinner that I made and we knew where (most) all our stuff was - it was good for my kids. They were calmer. So I would say that there were definite benefits with Adderall. Oh, I forgot the best thing - my kids continued to act like kids and I didn't go ballistic on them. That was the best. It was good not to feel like the most reactive, highly strung mother on earth. And my heart rate was lower (yep, lower) when I took Adderall. Go figure. Probably less stress from all the mess I know I can't keep up with and chronically forget.

I have friends who have done the fish oil thing - they didn't see significant benefit with it. I am hesitant to try it with my son because of food allergies, fish (which ones, I've no idea) being one of them. I may give it a try for myself.

Order and structure. . .I have begged my parents to come help me organize (or just be present so I can stay on task), but I'm afraid they don't want to. I think they are perpetually frustrated with my inability to be on top of it all. You know, a nicely maintained yard, 5 fruit and veggies a day for the kids, etc. I know, I know - not my problem, but I still have to deal with it. My organized friends. . . hmmm, those are few are far between. Birds of a feather. . . I'll be on the lookout for a compassionate organizer! Sadly, no funds to pay a professional. :)

I am unsure about the "shock" therapy - I am sorry, I know that isn't what it was called, but for lack of a better word. . . I think my husband would have a meltdown if I even suggested it. He doesn't have a sense of humor about his own ADD and - well, too long an explanation - I just don't think he'd go for doing that with our six year old.

Thyroid. . .been checked and checked and checked. The dysautonomia looks like thyroid, but so far, normal, normal, normal. No kidding - I've had the full workup for thyroid, including thyroid antibodies (that is really outside of the normal workup, actually), at least one to two times a year for about 12 years now. I guess it is safe to say I've got good thyroid function.

Vitamins - I don't imagine the kid's Flinstones are considered a good vitamin :p I try. Really. I'll have to make a better vitamin investment, eh?

I think that acceptance of ADD is a big issue with our family right now. Our family and friends act like we've told them we are actually citizens of Mars. In other words - "uh. . .right" is really their response. They may all get a copy of Driven to Distraction for Christmas. I think that my husband and I will eventually be able to laugh about it, because we really do some outrageously funny ADD things and we are both creative types. We just have to stop listening to outside expectations. It is hard to break the cycle when you are approval-seeking non-conformists!!

Breathe. . .I'll check into it. I like breathing.

Thanks for the input everybody. :D

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