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[QUOTE=topballer24]I've been on Strattera 80 mg for almost a month now, and I am considering quittting due to the side effects and lack of benefit. My doc wants me to stay on it because he says it has to kick in and takes time, what has been everyone else's experience with Strattera kicking in?[/QUOTE]
my son who was 14 at the time when he went on to strattera, i was told it had hardly any side affects, i can't remember what dose he was put onto, i know different people different medication, but after a couple of months on this medication, i thought my son was going mad, it made his ADHD symptons worse than ever, he ripped his room apart, his bedroom door was in squares of about 1in squared, i was petrified to go upstairs near him, he sounded like the hulk, i had to call out my GP, i thought my son was going to be sectioned, it turned out it was this miracle drug!!!!!!!!!, i took him off of it immediatley, and within days we was back to normal, after this experience it put me off of medicating him, that was 2 years ago, and it's been a hell of a struggle, he failed his GCSE's, but that's life, i'm not happy about it, but what do you do. My son was considered an A student in the class, but because the school thought his condition was more of an excuse :nono: , he didn't get the support he needed, i knew he was no good with coursework but school didn't help me to know what he needed to complete. Anyway, if it works for you, and your happy taking it, then so be it, but with most of these drugs they take a while to kick in, maybe you should ask someone close to you if they notice a good or bad difference in you good luck ;)

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