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Afraid of ADD
Mar 3, 2006
OK, I think I may have ADD. I was never told of a formal diagnosis, but it was eluded to. The psych that I saw foor biofeedback therapy measured my frontal brain activity. When I first saw him these was almost no activity whatsoever. He though it was due to lack of oxygen when I was born prematurely (my lungs collapsed). Apparently this is know to happen. The activity eventually did improve some after use of the biofeedback.

When I took the ADD test on it came back with this:

ADD Inattentive Type = Highly Probable
Cingulate System Hyperactivity = Highly Probable
Limbic System Hyperactivity = Highly Probable
Basal Ganglia Hyperactivity = Highly Probable

I've always done very well in school, yet have no ability to study or ever read a book. I'm always kinda scatter-brained and get mildly confused easily. I not very organized. I always get lost when I'm driving. That said, I'm intelligent, do well on reading comp tests and other standardized tests. I'm able to carry on a conversation without being distracted. I supposed this is how I was able to get accepted into physician assistant school. On paper, you'd never know that I can't study, because I'm able to pull off good grades. I'm personable and interviewed very well.

I think ADD would explain much of my anxiety. I'm always worried about being able to get things done, since I kinda wander, I don't always accomplish what I want to get done in a day.

I'm afraid to tell my PA all this at my next appointment because I'm embarassed! He's going to be looking at me thing, there's no way you can make it in this job!

On top of anxiety, I have seasonal depression and dysthimia, which I've never really explained to him. I have a lot of fatigue associated with it that I've never explained to him. I've always required at least one, but usually more naps a day because of this. He's just been treating me for simple insomnia/anxiety. I don't want to drop this bombshell on him!

I've never tried to hide this information from him, but it never came up. I have never had a good grasp on my diagnosises anyhow. I've never had much consistent, serious, or longterm treatment for anything. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Maybe I could just ask about Xanax XR for anxiety for anxiety and Provigil for depression/fatigue. He did prescribe me Klonopin and Adderall at one point for anxiety. It caused depression. I then started Effexor. I didn't respond to it. I've also used Wellbutrin, Buspar, and Paxil. I didn't respond to any, but experienced a lot of weight gain. Provigil is being studied for ADD. I don't want to look like a nutcase! Can ADD meds really make much of an improvement? I'm supposed to start PA school in May!

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