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Hello, I'm new here and was just wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same problem w/their child. Anyhow my son is 9yr old and was diagnosed w/ADHD when he was 7, he was on concerta started out at a low dose and by 8yrs old we were maxed out at 54mg. (I loved concerta it worked great during school hours but when he would come home at night he was wound again, which was fine by us as long as he was calm for school). However while he was on the concerta he did seem to not be able to gain weight and had a hard time falling asleep at night (we would put him to bed at 8:30 and he would still be awake at 11:00), anyway, after the concerta we then tried Focalin which I hated, it would make him so moody and we have some trouble w/his moods anyways. However it made him moody and have have rage like I'd never seen him have. (hated focalin) so we once again were back at the Dr's office. He is now on Adderral 20mg and he is having what I think are tics (he's got some sort of cough) and always leans his head back in a wierd way, he never has done that before thats why I say I think its tics. I really don't like the way he is on this adderall either, he's not himself and it seems to also make him very moody, as well as having nightmares. Since he has been on Adderral he has been having nightmares (were going on about a month of adderral) I just hate to keep going back to the dr's office. I feel like they're looking at me like I'm crazy b/c nothing seems to be working for him. Sorry to just keep rambling on like this and I hope somebody maybe in my shoes and can give me some suggestions.
Thank you to all! :confused:
Mylilman - It is VERY common to need to try multiple drugs before an effective one is found. You are not alone. Stop worrying about what the doctor's office thinks, okay?

What I *was* going to recommend to you was a combination of Strattera with one of the stimulants. It worked incredibly well for my son (for a while). Others here reported the same results with the combo. HOWEVER, if your son is experiencing tics on stimulants (& he never had tics before), I really think it is probably best if you stop the stimulants for the time being.

Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure, but true....

(edit to add) PS. I agree that what you describe are tics.

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