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The assumption that Strattera works for everyone is wrong. We had a terrible experience with our 12 year old grandchild who was placed on Strattera because it was supposed to have fewer side effectsthan Ritalin. After a short while on Strattera he became depressed, angry, suicidal became very thin from loss of appetite.
His doctor also became alarmed and he was weaned off Straterra and put on a low dose of Concerta and the scary behaviour vanished,although he did not like the feeling, as he said, "of being in prison".
He had been on ritalin for over three years before prescribed Strattera. That last disastrous year when he was on Strattera left us with the feeling that there had to be another alternative approach and he is now enrolled in a special school where they understand ADD. He now happy, performing academicaly and ,best of all, not on medication.
He is an amazing kid, creative, energetic and cheerful. He is indeed different but on medication was truly suffering and his intelligence went unappreciated within the school system where conforming was the norm.
I guess medication does help some people but the assumption that it is the answer to all with ADD and ADHD isn't right. Everyone has a different physiology and emotional responses. It is so important to do research on meds and be aware that pressure from the schools can intimidate parents.
Not everyone can avail themselves of special schools but there is no question that a different approach can be taken. I just wish the schools would not take the easy way out and pressure parents to medicate.
Our grandson's new self esteem has given us great joy . Because his school reconizes that although he is ADD,he is a worthwhile individual with a future.
Be cautious and informed.
I wish you all lots of courage, patience and luck!

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