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My son was diagnoised in the Fifth grade. He is very smart but very active and impulsive. He was never a behavior problem in the class. But once he got all came out! He would openly admit that he was frustrated with himself by his behavior (starting fights w/ siblings, hitting things for no reason, non stop movement, etc..)

We were very upfront and honest with him about what we were noticing and positive about figuring out what was going on... together. We made a daily "journal" that recorded his behavior. We saw a counselor who was WONDERFUL! Together we educated ourselves and him about ADD and the causes and treatment...just as if he had diabetes. It was important to us that he take "responsibility" in his health care. And we started on Adderall.

The first day....he said to me.."mom, I never want to go off this medication. I feel so much better." I said, "Really, how do you feel different?". He said, "I can finally think. My brain finally stopped running so fast."

He now is 13 and each day, he takes his medication without us even asking. He has improved his grades (although they were not bad), he has better friendships, his soccer game has improved immensley and it has changed the dynamics of our household between siblings for the better!)

People can criticize meds all they want... I would not change a thing. It has been nothing but a positive, educational and family building experience for us. He knows that we love him no matter what and whatever problems occur....together we will work thru them.

Good luck on your journey. God will give you the answers! He did us.

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