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Then we turn around when they turn into young adults and ask where did addiction and violence come from. DUH....let's wake up and handle our children. There was never ritalin or adderall when I was growing up. What did we do then?

How can you bear to look at your child looking like a zombie, robbing him of his natural nature to act like a little boy or girl?

One more point, these teachers also need to take a class on how to handle the "out of the box student". If the child doesn't sit motionless for 6 hours in class they automatically label them ADAH, I truely believe some of these teachers don't know how to handle a child who has a different approach to learning than the norm, and what is the "norm" anyway. Remember these are small people with feelings soon we forget they don't have a say in the matter, we need to be their voice.[/QUOTE]

First I just wanted to point out that Ritalin has been in use for ADHD since the 1950s. Secondly I want to say that in my opinion it is unfair to say a parent is wrong or not wrong for their decision about whether to medicate their child or not. WE each do what is in our opinion the best for our children. Both of my children are on ADHD meds. My daughter has the inattentive part and does very well with the lowest dose of Concerta. She just made the honor roll and couldn't be happier. My son has to take higher doses as he has very strong ADHD mixed. He is doing so much better in school for the first time in all his years (he's in 6th grade)! Neither one of my children walk around like zombies. They have definite personalities and are happy to take their meds because they know it helps them and will tell you so if asked. I do agree with you that teachers need to learn how to deal with these children better. Luckily my son has a special ed teacher that for the most part is great and CAN deal with him and all his problems. With Kaylee it isn't a problem anymore since she started taking her meds. She acts like any other child that does not have ADHD.

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