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Any meds can affect all people differently. I've had ADHD my whole life, but being so anti-meds I refused to use them and tried the entire natural route to give my body the best, but it just wasn't enough. Some people really do have to have the meds. I finally bottomed out this semester and went from A's to D's and F's in all of my classes, so now I am taking meds.

I think the ADHD ended up causing my depression and anxiety, so I started on an SSRI (Lexapro) which I don't think is helping a bit. I was given Xanax to help with not being able to sleep and the anxiety, if I sleep on it I am dopey the next day, if I take a small amount in the daytime I relax a bit. Dr added Wellbutrin (physical symptoms of norepinephrine imbalance, Cymbalta was bad for me) to the mix, which did help me to focus - a little. Now my doctor has finally decided it would be best to target the ADHD directly, so now I am taking Ritalin. It is a huge help in allowing me to focus in and concentrate on the things that I need to accomplish (unfortunately too late for me to save my grades this semester!). I think once I get myself back on track, the only thing I'll need is the Ritalin, as much as I dislike having to use it. If it helps, I am in my late 20's.

Even though Ritalin is a stimulant, it does not make me hyper. In fact, I can sleep on it. There are similar stimulant drugs which may work better for some than others, including Adderal and dexedrine. There is also non-stimulant Straterra, and probably others I haven't listed. All of these drugs are not without their side effects, you can find out a lot about them with a simple net search :wave:

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