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I'm sorry if this gets too long. A little over a year and a half ago, my DH was diagnosed with ADD. His doctor, a neurologist, put him on Strattera and also on Lexapro because he felt he was also depressed. I didn't really see a big improvement in his ADD symptoms, but his depression was a little bit better.

He went back to the doctor in early March of last year. He changed his ADD meds to something else (I can't remember which one) and kept him on the Lexapro. He gave him samples of both because the meds were so expensive, and his insurance wouldn't cover it. He is a truck driver and ran out of meds while on the road. He had what we have called a panic attack while he was on the road. I'm not really sure if that's what it was or not. He went into a rage, basically, and couldn't stop crying. His work took him off the road and wouldn't let him go back until he got a doctor's note. His neurologist couldn't get him in for over three weeks. During this time, he bugged the doctor's office so much about getting in that basically the neurologist said he didn't want to see DH anymore and referred him to a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist agreed that he had ADD, but he also thought he had OCD. He said that his mind wants to fixate on something because he has OCD, but it won't let him do to to the ADD. This causes an adreline rush, which in turn causes him to rage. He put him on Depakote. He didn't take it very long, because he lost his job and lost his insurance. He has a thing about money. He can spend obsessively on some things, but he wants to stick to a strict budget. It's almost like he doesn't know what he's doing when he does spend the money. But, let him really need something and he won't spend the money.

Anyway, now, he can't go back to the doctor until July, because his new insurance will consider it a pre-existing condition. I know for a fact that he has ADD, but I just can't seem to get behind the OCD part of it. He's not really obsessive or compulsive, except when it comes to money. It seems like OCD and ADD would be two illnesses that you can't have together.

I'd really like to know if anyone else has had both of these things diagnosed or is his doctor really out in left field? I'm also going to post this on the OCD board.
Yes, it's possible to be diagnosed with both, but if your son doesn't do anything obsessive or compulsive, then I'd say the doctor is greatly mistaken. The compulsive spending of the money is probably just impulsiveness from the ADD, as you've mentioned. There's a chance your son might have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but believe me, if he had it, you'd know it. I don't have ADD, but I have severe OCD, and doctors shouldn't just toss out the diagnosis for everyone under the sun; it's an extremely debilitating disorder by itself, let alone paired with another psychiatric illness like ADD/ADHD...
I can't seem to grasp why a diagnosis of OCD would come from an uncontrollable crying fit. That sounds more like part of his depression to me...especially if he ran out of his meds! I am no doctor and don't have OCD but I've read about it.
The OCD diagnosis came about because of the panic attack he had while he was on the road. He was trying to get his truck to fit in a space, but something kept happening to keep him from being able to do it. He said that somehow a thought came into his head that if he didn't park the truck where he had to, he was going to get fired. So, he got mad about all that was in his way, became enraged (he didn't hurt anyone, just a few of his personal belongings in his truck) and then broke down crying over what he had done.

I don't have any doubt in my mind that he has ADD. He also suffers from dyslexia, and he says that most of his other symptoms all started when he was a child. He is probably a textbook example of ADD, but the OCD just doesn't sit well with me. I majored in psychology in school, and I know most of the symptoms of OCD. He just doesn't fit there. To me, because of his mood swings, he's more bipolar, but he doesn't really fit there either. I really want to help him, because sometimes, he can be rather hard to live with, especially the mood swings. And, he suffers from guilt because of them, too, and I hate that for him. He's my husband, btw, not my son.
I have ADHD and obbssessive compulsive tendencies. This was diagnosed by a psychologist. My ADHD is my primary disorder. The obbessive compulsive tendencies come in for me with dwelling on certain things and not just letting things go, waiting for things to work out, etc. My ADHD and my obbsessive compulsive tendencies are controlled by the Concerta. Fortunately my Concerta does not intensify my obbsessive compulsive tendencies. I think this is because my Concerta helps me to think through situations, so that there are less things to dwell on.
my name is daughter been diagonise with add and she's 5years old, her name is mary. :) :) :bouncing:
:wave: Hi, new here.
I have both ADHD and OCD, lucky me eh? :)
My OCD symptoms are around magical thinking and horrorshow movies going on in my head that I can't get rid of until they've run their course.
My cousin has ADD, Tourettes and OCD... it is supposedly thought that all three could be interlinked.
I was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD in college but took different meds (Adderall,Paxil) It seems though the OCD did not take until after I had been on Adderall for a couple of months most likely irritating the little compulsions I already had but not serious (Cleaning, touching the tops of doorways) I don't know what the "something else" medication was but when taking meds like Adderall a stimulant med that is stopped abrupt can cause that type of thinking/emotional distress the crying, and depression. Taking too much of a medication like adderall over a period can also make you angry, upset, and most of all put you in a "panic" It can also make you fixate on a task,subject matter but your mind is everywhere but where you want it to be and this will cause frustration,anger,emotional distress. After taking a med like Adderall when you stop abrupt your body will go through fluctuations of energy as this is your body adjusting to the substance not being there any more. It's various systems in the mind and body that are trying to process a foreign chemical, and work diligently to counterbalance its effects on the body. I can't say if any of this apply to what you are dealing with but maybe a little help.
I was diagnosed with adhd and obsessive compulsive tendencies at the same time. I have cerebral palsy as well... The psychologist who made the diagnosis said that the obsessive compulsive tendencies may be adaptations for my inattention, etc. caused by the adhd. I was also diagnosed with overfocused add, which has some obsessive compulsive components.

I am new to this board, but I wanted to reply to this right away! It is statistically VERY commont to have families with members that have a mix and match of the following:


In my family, everyone has a combination of at least 2 usually 3 of the above. Sometimes, like ADD and OCD, some of the disorders are actually symptoms of a larger disorder. My sister, who has OCD, ADD, Borderline, Anxiety and takes a pill of some kind 12 times a day, works with kids with behavioral and developmental disabilities at the worlds leading school for those children, johns hopkins kennedy krieger. She does so well at the school because she has so many of these disorders and understands the way the kids think, because there are so many other disorders out there that have these as symptoms.

Both she and I share the OCD and the ADD. She is FAR more worse than I. She actually takes 40 gm of adderall a day and her ocd manifests into voices, so she takes anti psychotics.

It was hell to diagnose for her. First, everyone treats you for depression, which is completely uneffective. The depression is rather natural for her and I because we are obviously depressed because of the way OCD and ADD topsy turveyed our lives. Once these two disorders were addressed, we didnt need medication for depression.

It took 3 years to diagnose that she had both because she desperately wanted things in their place and in a certain order (ocd) but couldnt remember where she put them or what that order should be (add) making her so frustrated she was depressed.

I am lucky enough that she was diagnosed. what took her three years took me three months, because she was proof of a family history and therefore a lead. They took me off prozac because it was basically the woman-treat-all du jour, and didnt fix the problem. I finally got a therapist that understood that the reason they didnt see the add was because the ocd exasperated the hyperfocusing part of add. Sometimes, its not just that you cant concentrate, sometimes its that you hyperfocus on other things, and compulsive disorder makes it worse. So I am compelled to hyperfocus. Also, since i had a fast paced job that was supposed to start things for other people to finish (consulting) it took a while for the therapists to see the add because I wasnt in the situation to have to finish things.

It's weird, but treating the ADD has really treated the OCD. I am not on OCD drugs anymore, because I actually can concentrate hard enough to talk myself out of my compulsions.

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