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I have been on adderall xr for about 3 years now. I first took 15mg and gradually increased to 35mg thru time. It is currently doing nothing for me. I just visited a new psychiatrist today (my original one retired) and she suggested I switch to Concerta due to my tolerance to adderall xr.

I questioned why a switch to Concerta would be affective since both are "stimulants." She said they are still two different drugs and my body is not use to Concerta as it is adderall xr. In sum she said my ADD symptoms may begin to be "treated" again; meanwhile while on Concerta my tolerance to Adderral xr may subside allowing me to restart Adderral xr later, if necessary.

I'm currently on Adderall xr 35mg daily. She told me to stop the adderall xr completely and prescribed Concerta 18mg daily for 7 days and then 36mg for the remainder of the month.

Has anyone made this switch and how did it affect you? Has anyone heard of the above course of change in medications? I'm just sceptical and a little nervous about the change.

Any info if greatly appreciated.
FYI: for medication purposes, I'm 28 years old, 5foot 6 inches, 110lbs.

Thank you!
HI Ivy
Yes, I made a change from Adderall to Concerta, my new ins, wouldn't cover Adderall but would Concerta, so I tried it. I think you will find that it doesn't help you to focus as well that was the main issue when I took it. I just stopped taking it and went without for about a year, and what a crazy year! I just recently went back in Adderall just 10 mg twice a day and it is working well. Your doctor is probably right about being able to go back to Adderall after using Concerta. Good Luck
Thank you for responding!!

Did you feel sick during the change-over? What dosage of Adderall xr were you taking at the time of the switch? What was the new dosage of Concerta?

Thanks again for any help!

Also, others please respond too.

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