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Re: My little girl
May 31, 2006
I can feel your pain, I had this at home also, my son's teacher told me in 2nd grade that he needed medication. I resisted and tried all the alternitives until I finally let them put him on concerta. He had terrible headaches, and other symptoms, but did improve. We switched a year later to straterra and that didn't work for him. Finally got him on Adderal XR and this worked great. However, the damage was already done, the low self esteem from always being yelled at by teachers and family, and the low grades reflected how he felt about himself. Then this year in Feb. I put him in Tae Kwon Do class 3 times a week, for a half hour. The change in my son is a miracle. We took him off the medicine for the summer so he'd have a chance to grow, and he's just hitting puberty so we also have had a lot of emotional problems as well to deal with . I can't say enough good about the Tae Kwon Do. His grades went from d' and f' to A's and B's. He isn't getting into trouble at home or school now, and he isn't being bullied. The tone has left his voice for the most part, and he's much less agressive with his brother , the agression level went way down in our house, his history teacher came up to me in the store last week to ask what was going on with my son. She said he's more focused, writes better, is more respectful and patient, and is like a different kid. I asked him how he felt now, he said he doesn't feel like a victim anymore, and before the meds, and Tae Kwon Do, he said he felt like a windshield with snow coming at him, out of control, He's so much happier, and as I write this, I'm crying because he's my son, and I couldn't do anything to make him better. Putting him in that class was the best thing I ever did, It is so incredibly positive.

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