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You won't know if your daughter has ADHD or ADD until she has been diagnosed by a Psychiatrist. There are a series of questions you will be asked. I think it's kind of horrible the school would tell you that your child NEEDS to be on medication. Alot of people don't believe in medication, what if you were one of them?

One thing I've noticed with children who are "hyper" (and I am very guilty of this) is if you treat your children like "bad" children (and I'm not saying you do this) other people will see them the same way. I am a "yeller" (my 15 yo was diagnosed with adhd when she was 8 and I was constantly yelling), nobody liked having us around, yet a friend of mine had a child with a (severe physical/mental disability who was more disruptive and her mother was calm and loving and just brought tears to the whole rooms' eyes watching how she handled every situation lovingly. I'm not saying we aren't supposed to yell at our kids, I only know I am VERY GUILTY and she taught me to see my mistakes. If I could have acted more like my friend I know others would have been more supportive.

On a different note, what you could do while visiting friends is carry a small bag of toys in the trunk of your car. Let your daughter have one special toy for herself and share the others with her "friends". Maybe that will encourage the other kids to share their toys with her.

I hope your daughter gets better and you find the right treatment plan for her. It sounds like her Mommy loves her alot so I'm sure she'll do just fine~!

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