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I got an odd problem...I switch back and forth between 10mg and 15 mg adderall cuz of my tolerance. I get the generic kind: amphetamine salts cuz its $160 cheaper a month. But majority of the time when I take the 10mg I think Im not absorbing it because I feel nothing from it I could fall asleep 1 hour after taking it so I would take another 10mg pill and then another and there will still be no effect, and this is when I avoid intake of acidic foods and beverages.
When i break a 15mg pill in half and only take half, the half a pill works 45min after intake. So I know its not a tolerance issue since 2x10mg has no effect and 0.5x15mg has effect.
So...would I absorb 10mg better if I crush it up?
Crushing it probably wouldn't make a difference (just not the XR version FYI. It would). I've crushed mine, let it desolve in my mouth before swallowing (only because I poped one without realizing I didn't have a bottle of water handy) and i didn't see any difference in effect either way I took it.

I'm not sure about the 10 -vs- .5x15 phenomonon you described. I hate to post and then pawn it off to the doc but I', drawing a blank on this one.

ALSO... I haven't heard about alternating dosages to prevent tolerances. My doc says take a break from them every once in a while (I only take mine as needed which normally not on the weekends or days off). Is alternating the dosages what the doc is doing to keep you from developing a tolerance?
yeah i was taking 15mg and then i tried to wean myself off them because i was afraid of building tolerance and afraid of amphetamine addiction, so my doctor put me own to 10mg for a lil bit. it did bring my tolerance down for awhile but my tolerance has built up again. now he just prescribes 15mg again 3 times a day but told me i can take them im halves

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