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I take regular adderal as needed. I only use it for school. I can't imagine using a XR version of it. I mean I like to be able to control my dosages and how I feel. With XR you can't. If i take 10mg and I dont feel it i take another 5mg. Or if I take too much, well it just makes me a bit hyper, but i use that energy to really focus. One day they accidently gave me the XR, I took it back right away, I will never take one, I can't take the risk of nto being able to be in control of the use.

As far as the stoned feeling you all are talking about, well I think it really is just the amphetamine, it is a drug and it will make you feel weird. I dont get that feeling anymore. I think that feeling comes from it being to strong, thats why I like to control my dosage. I usually start out with 10mg then if i need a little more Ill take 5mg like 20-30mins later, and that usually does the trick. then when I feel like im getting tire (wearing off) I take another 5 mg. But I do get the stoned feeling everyonce in a while, like if I take 15mg and there is not much food in me, I will get that. But the great thing about my non-XR adderal is that it wears off and doesnt stay like for 8hrs or whatever your XR pills last for.

So my point is really maybe for you who havent tried the regular kind, maybe you should look into it. Again it is really great to be able to control the dosage and strengh. they work so fast too. Ijust make sure I dont take them too late.

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