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I have one question for you, has it been recently he has been acting more aggressive. When he was first diagnosed was it before he was roudy in class, aggressive with others, destroying things. Do you think it has gotten worse? I remember when I was in kindergarden, there was one teacher who told my mother I had ADD and said I should seek medical attention for it, I didnt really listen in class and would go off and do what i wanted, but my mom refused to do what the teacher did and thank god. In my opinion, I think if i was told when i was little that i had a problem and was given meds then I would have gotten worse. However, your son sounds like a more severe case, and it would help with the questions to be answered above to see why he is acting like this. A lot of times, kids want to do what they want to do, and when they cant they freak out and become aggressive, seeing as children act more innately or on their primal instincts. if you hit a pet dog that you have, and just keep hitting it, it gets more aggressive and lashes out at others and at its master inevitably. so being a child, they sometimes cannot comprehend the idea of consequences, they feel resentment towards those who try to suppress their actions or feelings, such as a doctor giving meds, pyschiatrist, a teacher telling them what to do, taking away their toys, which is why they make act or lash out against them. Because I know when my mother would try to stop me i would sometimes get insanely mad (i told her i wished she was dead when i was a child), though i grew out of it. I just matured and my mom was really loving and caring about it. I was horrible in school, never did work, fooled around in class, and nearly failed everything till I just simply grew up and smelled the coffee. I am not sure if this helps, and I am not trying to advise you to do anything from what you are doing currently to help your son as you are doing out of love. But just keep it in mind, and if the meds and help does not work, and he progressively gets worse remember, sometimes TLC is all a child really needs.

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