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Hello, all.
I just started on the patch on Thursday the 11th. I had asked my primary care doc about Strattera - I had been diagnosed about 12 years ago but never medicated. The diagnosis came about as a result of an audiology test - my hearing was fine but degraded rapidly as interference was added, and the audiologist said that was a red flag for some kind of attention deficit - for me that made sense, since through most of grade school I had thought my name was Underachiever. I've used a lot of behavioral stuff (lists, recruiting help from colleagues, family, schedules, etc.) but in the past year my job responsibilities have changed and I have a lot of deadlines related to grant applications and government contracts, all of which require a lot of detail and coordination, and I have really been struggling. My doc 12 years ago wouldn't prescribe stimulants because I had a history of amphetamine addiction in late teen/early 20s. I asked my current doc about Strattera because I'd heard a few moderately good things about it and knew it wasn't a stimulant. The doc said that, first of all, there were a number of new products such as Daytrana that lowered the potential for abuse, and that secondly, in his opinion my amphetamine use as an adolescent/young adult suggests confirmation of the diagnosis. He said he'd been disappointed with the results when he'd prescribed Strattera and recommended the patch. He didn't do any titration period (maybe because of the "can't break the pack of 30" issue), but just started me on 20mg. patches. So far, the only side effects were sleep disturbance the first two nights (although this could have been aggravated by Sudafed for sinuses the first night and too much coffee the second). I definitely feel a difference, and find myself able to concentrate better and return to a task after an interruption with less confusion or disorientation. I don't feel any "speed-like" rush, but can definitely feel the wear-off about 2 or 2-1/2 hours after I take the patch off.
I'm curious, Tonymc, how's it going for you now? Have you had any adjustments? Are you still using it and is it working? Thanks, sorry to be so long-winded.

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