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I totally feel for you our son whose 4 has severe ADHD developmental delays
and sensory issues where he barely feels pain.You said your daughter "zones
out" I know exactly what your going through unless we hold his chin and get eye contact it doesnt sink in what were saying.Alot of what you say about your daughter sounds like ADHD I would definetly get her checked you could start with a neuroligist that may be your cheapest route if you do get a diagnosis even adhd for her you can possibly get what they call wrap around services for her behaviour issues but you may have to fight with that diagnoses to get it we did but he now has it and its worth the fight.Some of the things you mentioned also sounds like PDD which is a type of autism but higher functioning dont freak they are still not outruling this totally for our son
but the mood swings and zoning out sleeping patterns and eating spells you can also try to get her to a pediatric developmental specialist but be warned
unless you have insurance they are VERY expensive.For a few ideas when your daughter gets a tantrum is there a activity she likes you could side track her like jumping on trampoline or hold her by feet upside down and swing her or hold her under arms and swing between legs,playing playdoh
for our son these and throwing him on the sofa or bed and rough housing work to get him out of it but this is used only when he is just throwing fit
not because he wasnt getting his way.But be warned you'll get kicked etc until she gets the gist of what your going to do,Also if she likes bubbles keep some handy if she gets in a rage it sometimes works for him in a fit on the floor I blow bubbles and it stops and hes soon blowing bubbles.Please make sure you get breaks from her and dont feel guilty you need time off so you dont get stressed out so you can just deal with her.Truly wishing you the best please let me know what you decide and how things are going!

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