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Yep, me too. Adderall gives me much better focus that any methylphenidate extended release or IR formula. Our brains our very, very sensitive to formulations. Example: Generic Adderal IR by Barr Pharmacetical made me MORE hyperactive. Switched pharmacies to one selling Eon generic Adderall. No problem. Worked like a chain gang in enabling focus in me.

Go figure. Active ingredients must by law be the same as the name brand patent holder Shire. Inactive ingredients supposedly do not impact efficacy. Do not believe it.

Never, never, never buy Barr generic anything. The number of complaints exceeds the possibility of placebo effect. Either Barr's quality control or their inactive ingredients SUCK.

Stay clear. Buy either Shire or other-than-Barr generic Adderall. Most are OK. I've heard that Mallinckrodt generic is identical in efficacy to Shire at about 1/2 cost. No pharmacy in my small burg sells Mallinckrodt so I cannot confirm.


PS Most folk swear by Concerta. Just goes to show, our responses are very unique and meds/doses must be tweaked accordingly.

[QUOTE=springray]:wave: Thanks for responses! Today went to see my doc ,told him about Concerta's unusual effect on me..... and he suggested to increase the dose......:eek: :eek: :eek: no,thanks!So,we're trying out Adderall,lowest dose 5 mg a day. Huge difference in focusing and concentration, finally i feel calm and at peace:) Wow,such different effect it's amazing! Anyone with simular med experiences?[/QUOTE]

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