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I was just recently diagnosed with ADD and a had a few questions I was hoping some of you could help me with.
First a little background on me: 33 yr, male, married
After years of getting in fights with my wife over projects I've never completed, not being able to retain things she said to me, forgetting to pay bills, and an overall feeling of spiraling out of control, I went to my doctor asking what was wrong with me. My job is requiring me to switch from being a behind the scenes guy to a more managerial role and start handling projects. The harder I was trying to get a grasp on organzing and planning the worse I got.
Looking back I have been a serious daydreamer. In school and college I always did great through the semester with Bs and a few As but on long exams (Finals, SATs, and even the LSAT) I always bombed out despite the material being easy. Even in class I would just daze off into lala-land just minutes after a lecture would start.
My doc said I am showing signs of ADD. I told him I'm not hyperactive but he said that not everyone is. He put me on Adderall XR 20mg and this is my 3rd day on it. All I can say is WOW. I feel like a different person. Way more alert, able to focus and knock out tasks on my to-do list and my mood has improved big time. Adderall doesn't make me hyper or buzzed. It's like my head suddenly clears up and I feel "normal".

My questions about the Adderall are:
How long does it truly work for? I can definitely feel it losing its effectiveness after 7-8 hours and once it does wear off I feel kinda worn out.
I noticed after drinking a few diet pepsi's while on the Adderall it makes me very jittery. Is caffeine a no-no while taking this med?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!

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