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The length of effectiveness will depend on the individual. I capped out at about 4 to5 hours and was taking XR twice a day. I finally ended up going to regular Adderall. It's a 2 to 3 hours deal also and I hate the crashes. The XR did the same. I'm going to talk to the doc the end of the month for my monthly visit about the Daytron patch for ADHD. I'd love for it to work. Stick it on the hip and wear it for about 9 hours and not have to worry about remembering to take a pill.
I don't have add, but my husband and son do. They are both on Adderol xr. My husband takes 30mg(recently increased) and my son takes 20mg. I can tell right away if one or either of them fail to or forget to take their med. (BTW they both take it in the morning). If they forget to take it, they are not people I like to be with. They do not crash or get tired, but cranky, nasty and sometimes mean.

Someone mentioned a patch (a couple of threads up). I tried to google it, but nothing came up with the name daytron. Does anyone know of this patch or the correct name?

Thanks for letting me join your conversation.
The name of the patch is Daytrana. You should be able to find info on it, I did. It is getting excellent reviews. It is like Ritalin, NOT Adderall though. By the way, I don't "crash" with the Adderall XR. I just feel tired and unfocused if I forget it one day, which almost never happens. I'm not sure why anyone would not chose the XR version since you just take it in the morning and don't have to worry about it. If it is making you "crash" too early you may be taking too low of a dose. Try increasing and see if that extends the time for you would be one suggestion.
Hi, I just read about that patch today. I get emails from ADDitude magazine-it's an...ADD magazine hehe anyways there's an article about it on there. Also like someone earlier said it does depend on the individual and other factors-diet/exercise, stess level. I'm a small person 26yr/f/98 lb. and I take both 7.5 mg and 10mg in varying times and increase when necessary. Ive been on all brands of adderall, generic and the brand name...personally brand name stays stronger for me...but as far as time the 7.5 lasts around 3ish hrs whereas the 10mg can last me about a good 5hr.

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