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Well for an update I went to see the shrink today. It wasnt that wonderful of an experience. I was kind of looking forward to talking to somebody or having a shrink that I was comfortable interacting with. Well that didnt go so well. He looked at the online test I printed out and asked me if I had trouble sleeping and I said no not really. I mentioned the fights with my bf and thats why I wanted to get it checked out and see if it was ADD. He then gets up and starts fiddling through a bunch of papers, says hell be right back. Comes back with an Rx for Adderal XR 20mg and one of the forms he said hes allready faxed to my prescription benefits company authorizing them to pay for the medicine. Then he sent me on my way. I didnt really get to talk about anything. It was like 5 minutes. So when I left I read the paper which said something on there which I made out the handwriting to say that I had tried Adderal and Ritilin before which didnt work. I guess he put that so the insurance would see ive taken stuff before yada yada...but in fact I have never taken any kinds of meds like this before....

He got me an appointment to come back in 1 week because he said the insurance might reject paying for it and then Ill have to come back...?? I only have 5 free visits per year like I posted before and I want them to count. I feel like 1 was wasted, but I did get a prescription so I guess Ill try it. I am going to the CVS in a few minutes...

Other thing was he noted that I had ADHD. That wasnt really what I had thought but I guess ill see how the meds work.

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