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[QUOTE=New2ADD]hey Mstnfan, looks like you may be a Northern Va resident with the 5 guys reference eh? Me too.

I'm pretty new to all this ADD stuff myself and a lot of your symptoms I have too. After 8 years of marriage and constant fights with my wife over not getting things done, proscrastinating, being yelled at for not "listening" to her 10 seconds after she asked me to do something, etc.. I thought it was time to see my doc to find out what the heck is wrong with me. I used to think it was neat because I could literally take a mental vacation away from reality by just daydreaming but I'm 32 and in a high paying, high responsibility job so that isn't a good thing anymore :)

I was just diagnosed a couple weeks ago and been on Adderall XR 20mg ever since. I must say my life has taken a big 180 degree turn for the better! I can finally get things done during the day (big help jobwise) and my constant daydreaming is now undercontrol.

As for the Adderall XR it definitely has its ups and downs. Takes about 2 hours to kick in but after 6 hours I am on the downswing so I am learning how to adjust the timing of my dosage.


Yeah, I live in Ashburn VA. Where are you in Nova? My boyfriend actually knows the owners of 5 guys, he worked there and now does side work for them since he is in IT. 5 guys is good stuff!

Anyway, I hear you on the daydreaming and getting yelled at by the significant other. Thats what made me want to get checked out. I never cared when my parents yelled at me, and I never was motivated enough to figure it out for myself...I definately wasnt prepared for my issues to affect somebody else as much as they do with my boyfriend so now its time to take care of things I guess.

I kind of enjoy the daydreaming vacations but they have gotten me in trouble as well. I guess I never thought it was abnormal but now Im realizing its a definate ADD thing. I have the ability to totally immerse myself in daydreaming and have used it to escape alot of stresses in my life. I cant imagine not doing it though, when I think about not having a place for my mind to wander to during the day or while driving, I feel kind of weird about that...almost like, what will I think about??

So I have an appointment for 2pm on Wednesday, it was SO hard to find somebody taking new patients and who was accepting my insurance, which is BC/BS so I have no clue why it was so damn hard. So for you how many times did you have to go before a diagnosis was made and they gave you the meds? The girl making the appointment said he usually sees new patients for 15 minutes and then sets up a follow up, I told her that wont work for me as I have 5 visits per year that are covered 100% by my insurance and I would like to use them all to my advantage and I dont want to miss alot of work. She said he just tells her to tell new patients that. Im guessing if somebody comes in he doesnt want to see, he doesnt have to take them for that long...?? My coworker has ADHD and sees her shrink 4 times a year to check on how the meds are going.

Thats about it for now sure ill have more questions later.

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