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Hi Brook65,

I'm not sure whether the powder my son uses is available to you in Great Britain. But maybe you can find something similar

My DS uses "Cal-Mag Fizz," manufactured by Baywood Labs. It contains powdered calcium & magnesium, a few B-vites & other minerals (at low doses), bicarbonate of soda (for the fizz), as well as a bit of lemon flavoring & sweetening. The company makes a raspberry flavor & a tropical orange flavor, but my kid likes the lemon-lime one.

The Cal-Mag Fizz label does not mention anything about ADHD. If I were to guess who it was being marketed to, I'd guess to women who wanted to increase their calcium intake in order to avoid osteoporosis. However, we know from testing that my DS tends to low blood calcium & magnesium, so extra of both has been recommended for him by his doc. Since he's not fond of pills, I was groping to find a product he'd find acceptable, and use. The magnesium does seem to help him relax & sleep well when the product is taken at bedtime.

As far as side effects, those would be pretty much like for any vitamin-mineral blend that packs a fair bit of calcium & magnesium. People who have naturally low blood pressure, can feel faint when taking too much magnesium, as mag tends to relax muscles & blood vessels some, further reducing bp. And then there's the magnesium-loose stools issue for some people.

It's great that your school is so pro-hydration. I've read studies showing that when people are dehydrated, their IQs actually drop (temporarily)!

Best wishes.

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