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Wanted to say hello! I'm new to this board today and would like to ask a question, loaded as it may be to you all if I may?

Background--I have a 9 year old granddaughter who is living right now with my husband and myself. Naturally I'm "head" ADD support person and not very experienced in dealing with this issue. She currently is taking Adderall XR 20 mgs. for about a year now after a build-up phase. Somewhat into last year (3rd grade) the reports would come, "easily distracted", etc. I had spoken to our Pediatrician who, against his better judgement had increased her from 15 mgs. to the 20 we are at now. Seems the reports at interim periods still came. He remarked "The medication can only do so much, it is now up to the teacher to improve her further". Without increasing she did get the "Most Improved Student" for the last marking period and did pass. Summer checkup with the doctor, I explained again what was going on. He wants to wait to see what the 4th grade teacher will be commenting on and said to keep him informed. Here we go again...two weeks into this school term and I have her Psychologist (who works with her at the school) asking me what mgs. she's taking and that the sub-teacher said.."she needs to pay attention more". I'm MORE inclined to go with what the doctor says....I respect and trust him, he has a nephew with ADD and takes Adderall, I do have great faith and that's alot to say from in Florida! It's just I am bothered by this constant.."Think we need to increase the med thing"...the school system did this constantly with my daughter throughout elementary school because she was Epileptic.

How do you determine whether the medication is at the right level??? Do you listen to the feedback from school or what you observe in the house? She also takes gymnastic lessons and have scheduled the one class early on Saturday morning since I know the meds are working. The other class is on a weekday night around 5:30 and do understand the medication is OUT by that time, but yet she still seems fairly constant.

Any advice??? I'm clueless.

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