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Thank you for your replies.....
Dixiegirl08> He use to take Adderall but taken off of it months ago because he was even worse on that med as well. He has had so many types of meds and none of them are working for him at all. Which his home life doesn't help matters any either but in my opinion he is a normal kid, I see him differently than his own mother does when things are happening they call me cause I can get through to him as long as his mother isn't around because she pushes him to an arguing match.
Update>The other day I talked to my friend she stated that the doctor was going to keep him in the hospital a few more days for the meds and for his kidney condition, the doctor told her that he checked with the pharmacy about the combination of the meds her son is taking isn't causing his kidney condition I told her after the fact what a time now to checkafter precribing high dosage of the meds in the first place ???? Not good on his behalf.. I told her. Cause after reading on Depakote I highlighted his condition which states that this med needs to be taken solely by itself>>???? I told her it stems from overdose the signs and symptoms he is having but she believes the doctor. Anyways, since he has been in the hospital he has been in the padded room, lost his free time etc. I told my friend for one it wasn't his doing for being in the hospital to begin with you put him in there to be detoxed yet the doctor won't do it they class him as oppositional defiant being he isn't following the rules I told her that being he doesn't want to be in there in the first place he is going to act out and they are classing him in the wrong direction and she is going along with it this poor kid can't even be a kid by far he is normal is yet on the other hand he is being treated abnormal which just sickens me then she wonders why her son has alot of resentment towards her I told her why by what she is doing to her son she doesn't want to hear it at all. I told her the older he gets it is only going to get worse more so by her parenting and not by his condition. When he has a bad day at school it stems from her yelling at him in the morning before he leaves for school and later that day she gets a call from school about his behavior so many of these she had previously put him in the hospital about 3x's which he carries resentment towards her more and more even like now. For one, like this situation meds seems to be the cover up for bad parenting which obviously isn't going to cure her sons problem by far it is only going to get worse its all about the disability check which is disgusting to put a child through this because I know the other side and she is only looking for the answers from the doctor to make her claim which is sick and if anything happens to her son she is going to hear it from me if anything happens because I told her so which I have been telling her all along. Cause I know doctors only go by what you tell them mostly which this doctor doesn't see his home structure life and what goes on on a daily basis from what I see and to me it is all wrong.

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