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Do you ever feel like other parents stare at you sometimes when your child is getting really wild and crazy in public or at school? I do, and it is utterly upsetting. I don't get embarrassed, just upset because they don't understand, and I wish 'they' could walk our shoes for once. Then they would comprehend how daily life can be so interesting and enduring. :dizzy:

I feel this all the time with my son who has asperger's. He touches people, gets in their faces, hugs people, just cant keep his hands to himself, along with just being annoying! He is fine in structured situations but get him with anything outside of that watch out!!!
I wish I could wear a sign saying "I'm really not a B of a mom, I just need to structure him"
People that I hear whispering that he should be disciplined really need to walk in my shoes for just a halfday! I want to see how they would deal with it.

We too have out son, who is 7, in OT for sensory issues. He searches out sensory things. Once he drank a container of boiling water and it took a while for it to sink into his brain that it was hot. Only after he blistered did he notice it. This was when he was 4. i took him to the dr and explained what he does and asked if he could have sensory problems. The dr at that time said no. Now almost 3 years later he was diagnosed with sensory disfunction, oppositional defiance disorder and aspergers. I agree with the sensory disfunction, but after working with the OT I think the other things are related to the sd instead. He has improved greatly even after 3 OT apts.

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